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ernie on u

Holy cow, there were so many great entries this week. I gotta agree with the consensus and select KR for the win:

“Today’s show has been brought to you by the letters L, S, and D”

Though I will give honorable mention to ShawRes for this one:

“It’s a load-bearing ernie.”

KR and ShawRes email me directly or pick up your t-shirts at the PoP 3 year anniversary party Nov. 5th.

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  • My favorites too. Well done.

  • can we all, for a moment, laugh about Ernie’s camel-toe?

  • @[email protected],
    hahaha yes!

  • HEY. camel toes can happen to anyone.

    i totally agree that the LSD caption is the winner. yeyah, kr!

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