Meridian Place at 14th Closed Due to Sinkhole and Explosion on Conn. Ave Due to Bug Fumigation

Photo from DDOTDC twitter feed

They tweet:

“Here’s a photo from a partial roadway collapse on Meridian Place, NW. The 1400 block is closed.”

And here’s an odd occurrence from FEMS:

“FEMS responded to a report of an explosion at 5201 Connecticut Ave NW # 608. Explosion was due to bug fumigation spray igniting the pilot light on the stove. Windows in unit 608 were shattered. There were no injuries and no relocations. DCRA was notified, responded and declared the building safe.”

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  • Simply the best headline ever!

  • Oh no! Is Social sinking? Someone save the lamb lollipops quick!

  • Kinda off topic, but this is a good video that explains how/why roads that are crappy NEVER seem to get totally fixed — the erosion process basically turns the earth foundation into unfixable mush.

    Sounds boring, but tis interesting. I have a lot more patience and sympathy for cities dealing with 200-300 year old roads. Helps explains how neglected neighborhoods find themselves infrastructure quagmires, where $10 million has to be spent restoring a single block of street, while kids shoot each other in front of collapsing understaffed schools.

  • From the DC fire/EMS twitter about that explosion (i saw this via why.i.hate.dc).. absolutely hilarious

    @dcfireems: update – 5201 Conn Av NW – around midnite – ‘bug bomb’ explosion – no fire no injury (except displaced bugs) – damage $25K DC F&EMS clear 2a

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