Mark Your Calendars – PoP Turns 3 – Party Nov. 5th


At long last the details of the PoP 3 year anniversary party. I’m really excited about this one – it’s fixing to be pretty sweet. It will be held at Wonderland (like last year) located at the corner of 11th and Kenyon Streets, NW. It will start around 6:30/7pm. So here’s the cool part – if you have a PoP t-shirt wear it because Wonderland and Looking Glass Lounge (3634 Georgia Ave.) have been kind enough to donate a significant tab (no shots).  So free drinks until the tab runs out for all who are wearing PoP t-shirts.  I got the new batch of t-shirts in so you’ll be able to purchase or claim your caption contest spoils at the party.

And more generosity – Pete’s Apizza (1400 Irving St NW) has been kind enough to donate pizza! And more good news – James O’Brien, owner of Red Rocks Pizzeria (1036 Park Rd NW) and frontman for O’Tasty is reuniting the band for their first show in many months. They were phenomenal last year and are sure to rock again this year. They will go on at 9pm and DJ Stephan Outlaw will spin afterwards.

See ya Nov. 5th!

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  • I tried to get a t-shirt a while back but you were out.
    I guess I’ll have to buy my own drinks.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Shirts will be available at the party!

  • So, this is what it sounds like, but just to be clear…those who purchase t-shirts at the party get to partake in those tasty beverages?

  • I think I will hear Sweet Dee singing every time I see or hear “Just to be clear”

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @E-Rich yes of course! But you don’t have to buy a new t-shirt if you already have one of the previous two versions. And there is another sponsor in the works…

  • I am so there. Size medium, please.

  • You should make nametags for all your regulars… that way USA! USA! and Mal and Nate and all the rest of the kids can make the scene as their web personae.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s always fun guessing who people are. Most stay anonymous but a few come up to me and whisper – I’m xxxxx but don’t tell anyone!

  • We started blogging in the same week of 2006!

  • I will definatley try to come. PoP – Did I hear correct, you have doggie t-shirts now? If so could I buy one there?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yup, Dr. Dre (editor’s pick) and Ike (people’s pick) t-shirts will also be available.

  • My roommate met his girlfriend at last year’s party. They’re still together. I might drunkenly grab the microphone and offer up a toast

  • WONDERLAND – Glad you are reaching out to all demographics with your choice of venue. I checked the Wonderland home page. What is with the dudes in dresses?

  • Cool. November 5 is my birthday. Be sure to burn me in effigy.

  • I plan to make my own PoP t-shirt in order to get free beverages, which I assume is also legit for this soiree?

  • Congrats! We’ll see you there. Save us a tee.

  • I want to come, enjoy most PoPpers, but honestly, am kinda scared of some. Will gentrifiers mock my Target jeans? Will hipsters scoff and hoodsters scowl?

  • Definitely not going to miss this one!

    I actually met a fellow POP’er a few weeks ago! We were going to the same place in Columbia Heights so we shared a cab. As we neared 14th Street the conversation turned to POP. We discovered that we were both regular commenters! Even while drunk at 4am on a Friday when the rest of the neighborhood is asleep, the loyalty of POP’ers abounds!

  • Yay! This is the day after my birthday – make a monkey+mal effigy! 😀

    Anyway, I’ll totally be there. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in town besides people I work with out in Maryland (and they all live in MD or VA), so I’ll be showing up solooo.

    @downright scared – don’t be scared! I promise that I won’t mock you – I’m not exactly miss fashionista myself!

  • be brave, chosen ones…. this is PoP’s happening and it freaks me out!

  • Monkey, I served with Guy Fawkes, I knew Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes was a friend of mine. Monkey, you’re no Guy Fawkes.

  • Are you going to serve whale cake?

  • @Mal I’ll be flying solo for similar reasons as you (work in VA, friends/family all in the burbs) let’s do a shot together!

  • @Emmaleigh – you’re on! Oooh this is gonna be so fun. So excited to meet all of you!

  • Dre T-shirts + O’Tasty + Pete’s Apizza + potentially free beer = Heaven!

  • It’s on my calendar!

  • @Dre’s Dad

    If it’s a nice night and you don’t mind hanging on the patio, you should bring Dre. Well-behaved dogs (and I bet Dre fits the bill) are welcome on Wonderland’s patio and part of what makes it awesome.

  • Anyone else think it’s sort of funny and ironic that the “Prince of PETWORTH” anniversary party is being held in Columbia Heights? I mean, I live around the corner from Wonderland and can understand why, but it still makes me chuckle…

  • If it’s a nice night (unlike last year, which, as I recall was rainy and cold as all get out) I will be there with Ramona the Mouse Killer in tow! Watch out Columbia Heights mice – I’m bringing the Killer Schnoodle with me!

  • Curtis20009

    I will be there and I will purchase an Editor pic DR DRE T-Shirt. O Glorious day…I may have to take Friday off. Happy 3rd b-day PoP.


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