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  • Personally, I really like crows. They used to annoy me with their raucousness, and their bullying of other birds away from my feeder, but after the West Nile virus killed off most of the crows several years ago, I realized that I missed them! They’re pretty smart critters; now, if only I could get them to do my bidding…

  • JohnnyReb, if you steal a young’un out of a nest, I mean rescue one that fell out of its nest, you can train it right up. They can learn to mimic pretty well, and I think I read that with consistent training, can recognize and execute up to 30 commands. Better than most purse dogs. Though I’m not sure what 30 things you’d want a crow to do. “Make me a sandwich” might be beyond their abilities.

  • My uncle rescued a crow with a broken wing and the crow stayed with him. He taught it to growl and bark like a dog so when anyone came to the door they thought he had a huge dog ready to tear them apart.

  • Divine beat me to comment I had when I first saw it.

  • I like. Maybe it’s a squirrel repellent.

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