Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Missing Yorkie in Capitol Hill Area

Sweet Cocoa, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Cocoa (yorkshire terrier) went missing while being walked by her dog walker this past Monday and was last seen Monday night at 5th and East Capitol. She is 6lbs and brown and silver. There is a reward offered.

Email [email protected] if you spot Cocoa.

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  • those eyes! fear not, humans. devil dog, is devilish. he’ll return home when he’s done with his secretive, fiendish mission….

  • OMG, cutest dog ever, and I’m a cat person. I hope she gets back to her owner.

  • ummm….does anyone want to know how the dog “went missing” during a walk by the dog walker??? wow…i would f flip

  • What a cutie. Hope she finds her way back home.

  • Knowing nothing about this particular dogwalker or even if it was a “professional” dogwalker – just a reminder to really check out any dogwalker before hiring them. There is a guy who regularly takes 12-17 dogs at one time, in one white van to Rock Creek Park (near picnic area 1, Melvin Hazen trail) He either walks them in a tangled mob or lets them loose in the woods where he has no control over recalling them.

    Hope we soon hear this pup is back home.

  • I love the way you sound so passionate about what you are writing. Keep up the great work!

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