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The Topaz Bar is located in the Topaz Hotel located at 1733 N Street, NW (not far from the recently judged restaurant Iron Gate). Their Web site says:

“Light years beyond the ordinary Washington, DC restaurant and lounge, Topaz Bar is a vibrant, mystical experience of contemporary urban chic and culinary sophistication.”

So how is the culinary sophistication?

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  • It’s a nice place to have drinks and it usually isn’t very crowded. The hotel upstairs is very nice, too. The rooms are modern and unique, and it’s a real bargain compared to the bigger hotels in town. I recommend it to visiting friends and family all the time, and other than the lack of parking (they’ll happily valet your car for some exorbitant rate), it’s received rave reviews.

  • Kimpton Hotel – that is their MO cool bar / modern rooms / urban.

  • “So how is the culinary sophistication?” … Overpriced.

  • I think Kimpton has done a good job with their hotel lounges. The food, drinks and atmosphere are a well rounded mix. My favorite of the three is Helix.

  • I used to go there for after-work cocktails. It was convenient but a little dull at that hour. I would much, much rather be under the parachute at the Tabard.

  • This is where you used to go to buy coke, but I think that’s no more. That’s the only context I know it in.

  • last time I went, very good – and interesting- bloody marys.

  • This used to be one of my regular after work date spots because it was dark and had comfy sofas. Good for kissing. They also had free comedy on Thursdays at one time.

  • Sully – Really the bar at Helix has been pretty dead of late, no? Maybe I caught a bad night or two. Bartenders are hot.

  • they have a pretty funny Thursday night free standup comedy show in the lower level of Topaz–saw Tony Woods a few weeks ago–hilarious.

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