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Seafood & Crab is located at 1936 14th Street, NW. As I’ve mentioned in the past this spot has one of the longest running “grand opening” signs in town. I’ve also noted that I thought crab was a type of seafood. Anyway, it’s time to dispense with such frivolous thoughts and ask the important question – how’s the food?

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  • i love going there right after i cash my check next door.

  • Last time I was in, this was Korean-run operation. Never figured out why they didn’t call themselves “Seoul Food.” Anyway, the fried chicken is alright but nothing to write home about. If you want decent fried food, you’re really better off spending the extra money and going to Ooohs and Aaahs. Its one of those “why is this place still in business” kinda shops.

    I think they put that “Grand Opening” sign up circa 2003.

  • I don’t think anyone who would actually eat there has internet access. Don’t hold your breath for comments

  • I love the Grand Opening sign and laugh everytime I see it. I went there about 2 years ago and got some fried fish, cheesy mac and greens. Overall, I drenched everything in hot sauce so it tasted fine…I have yet to go back.

  • Why are the posts on here (like above) so consistently classist? This area of the city is NOT necessarily better off thanks to your white-upper middle class presence in the city, and we (lower income folks of color) are NOT indebted to you for bringing us your “civilization” with the target and the ruby tuesdays and we are TIRED of your bullshit.

  • I’ve tried to go in and eat a couple times, but my girlfriend has been too repulsed by the appearance of filth to let me in the door. If anyone has been and enjoyed it, I’ll go back alone!

  • While it is tempting, if i’m going to eat unhealthily, the KenTaco Bell a couple doors down always tends to win me over.

  • Anonymous, appreciate the post but the majority of the patrons at Target are people of color. Yeah, there are some gentrifying white folks in there too, but ain’t no rich white folks shopping at Payless or eating at Ruby Tuesday and you know it. If you don’t like Target don’t shop there, there are still plenty of places in town where you can get your socks and dish towels from a crackhead on the corner instead.

    I’ve never eaten at this particular place, but I’d be shocked if this was the one takeout place in DC with a plain yellow and red sign and multiple fried cuisines on offer that was actually good.

  • Why are the posts on here (like above) so consistently classist? This area of the city is NOT necessarily better off thanks to your white-upper middle class presence in the city …

    Agreed – and I’m white and upper middle class.

  • I wanted this place to be better since my shop is a block away but alas. Haven’t eaten there in over two years which is all I’ll say.

  • The self-loathing expressed in these comments is so awesome.

    When I got to DC in 2000, I took a bike ride through Columbia Heights and I was scared shitless. Now I live there and I’m happy as a clam.

    In fact, gentrification has made Columbia Heights a much better place. And gentrification is behind the existence of this blog, which you seem to like enough to post your comments. If you really loathe the influx of white people into NW Washington, I heard the last white person just fled PGC.

  • anonymous 2: yes, but do you think the development would have come in the first place if it weren’t for the promise of upper class (predom white) patrons? It’s not a chicken or the egg question, my friend. The development happened with gentrification in tandem with one another.

    Regardless, I would really like to see people start talking about issues of class on this (and other) blogs more. My friends are starting a project called Our Columbia Heights that might start, check it out at ourcolumbiaheights.wordpress.com

  • This area of the city is NOT necessarily better off thanks to your white-upper middle class presence in the city

    Nope, you’re wrong, it did.

    Judge “better off” by the number of street rapes pre and post gentrification. Murders, oh people can play off murders as drug dealers killing drug dealers, but I heard about a violent street rape where multiple teenagers beat a woman who walked off a bus into a coma in the 1990s.

    but please, go ahead and tell me that gentrification is bad. Gentrification is the only thing that allows you to walk on the streets safely. I was visiting friends around here 20 years ago in 1988 and every other weekend by 1991 and lived here by 1995. I may not “know” but believe me, I know.

    The culture of violence is not great now, but at least people are complaining about it to the right people rather than just talking about it on the corner where no one can hear about it. I remember calling Frank Smith’s (?) office for neighbors all the time because they didn’t know who their councilmember was. sheesh!

    oh yeah, I’ll take credit for Target too, now that you’re dishing that out. Give me credit for Target.

  • Not better off…yeah….everyone longs for the days when we were the murder capital, had no trash service, had dealers and hookers openly doing business…..Anonymous, if we’re not better off, give details about what it is you so long for

  • Anonymous 12:24

    Just curious, at what point is railing against gentrification, and specifically white people, racist? And if your argument was about “class,” then why did you inject race into your comment? Not one commenter before you mentioned race.

    I am really sick and tired of feeling like a bad person because I haven’t lived here for 30 years. It sounds like it was much better back then.

  • “Why are the posts on here (like above) so consistently classist? This area of the city is NOT necessarily better off thanks to your white-upper middle class presence in the city, and we (lower income folks of color) are NOT indebted to you for bringing us your “civilization” with the target and the ruby tuesdays and we are TIRED of your bullshit.”

    Oh, you’re asking for it.

    You ARE better off for my presence, because I pay the taxes that reminds the city that you’re here. If not for me and all my white upper middle class friends, this city would be happy to let the neighborhood rot, just like it did for the last 40 years. I remember what it looked like when I moved in. No sane person would choose that over what we have now.

    But I don’t see it as a class thing. At least, not until you start whining. So who is the more objectionable person here: the one who tries, however clumsily, to make a better place for everyone, or the one who cannot be satisfied until everyone who’s not just. like. him. is forced out?

  • I for one, just to make it plain, believe that upper class is better because of the education. Working class people who educate themselves and apply for jobs based on that education magically become middle and upper class. Oh, they may not want to join the country club or they may become union leaders (I have four friends who fit that mold) and maybe they decide to donate a lot of their money to non-profits, but… being educated is always and in all circumstances better than being uneducated and that is the dividing line with class.

    Thanks to Washington, DC being DC I’ve met countless people of all races who, you know, got that scholarship to nursing school and then at age 50 suddenly have all their kids- the grandchildren of the little old lady who as owned the townhouse for 50 years- in college and they talk about how far they came.

    So, someone challenge me on this, how is being classist not a good thing? It uplifts everyone by telling people engaged in unacceptable practices that drinking on the corner is unacceptable.

  • Still don’t see what any of this has to do with mediocre fried chicken.

  • assuming that no one that eats at this place has internet access is pretty classist in my book too.
    in dc, especially if you’re from dc, race and class are closely aligned. if you’re from elsewhere in the country, thats much less the case. but if you’re from dc, always lived here, still live here, you’ve no real reason to see it differently. dc is not like elsewhere. but you all know that, right?

  • When people see the middle class returning to housing stock built originally for the middle class, some call it gentrification. Most call it getting back to normal. Doesn’t mean people should be dicks about it though.

  • FINIALLY!!! an honest discussion about the real issues and problems of DC. Who would have thought a crappy fried food …… ok let’s just call it “restaurant” could have brought about such good open honest dialog.

    Now that the door is open, somebody please explain to me why people in that area do not take advantage of the free education they are offered with all of the countless scholarship programs being thrown at minorities. With the cheap public transportation to so many schools as well? I wish I had that chance, my education has cost me a bundle and I had to do it all at night and weekends while working full time to support myself, as even though I am a LARGE minority in DC, I am not classified as such. Why would they not take advantage of that? They take advantage of cheap to free housing, free government checks and food, free transportation passes. Got any ideas?

    I live in Columbia Heights……. Why do so many people spit, urinate, crap, vomit, pass out and litter on the public streets? I have not been here a day yet when I have not seen one of the above things happen. I have never seen that happen like this anywhere else that I have lived and don’t seem to understand it.

    If I get answers to these, I have 100 more questions about this urban life that I do not understand and would be grateful to understand the odd culture around me. Knowledge is power!

  • I’m African American and am pretty damn sure I make more money that most of the “I’m white and upper class” bullsh*tters on this blog.

    I have eaten at this restaurant, and yes, the food is even worse than you think it is.

    Unless and until Congress passes a public option health plan, this place should be shut down.

  • Somewhere between this place distinguishing between seafood and crab, and leaving the “grand opening” sign up for years, I found myself completely turned off from trying it. It is no longer the grand opening – what else has the restaurant used far beyond its acceptable time limit? The fryer grease?

    Take just a little more pride in your presentation. There is a lot of gray area between quirky and neglect in business decor. Unless a restaurant has a storied history of serving great food, I think it is safe to assume the latter when judging the book by its cover.

    As for the race baiting – have fun with that folks. Limbaugh would be proud.

  • It used to be an Arthur Treacher’s, which had pretty good greasy seafood.

  • As a white guy who lives right off of Georgia Avenue, I’ve had some very eye opening discussions with my black neighbors about the neighborhood and how threatened they felt when we first moved to the street. My conversations with them have given me the impression that there are many average, honest families who have been in Columbia Heights for decades that are feeling threatened. I think that’s whats at the root of the “classist.”

    “We bring you Target, better services, less crime,” say we.

    “That is all good. But you also bring higher rent and more less affordable property values. What good is it to us if we get squeezed out to other parts of the city?” say they.

    In terms of the food, I’ve been there many times. No the food’s not good. But the bang for the buck is great and can hit the spot sometimes when you have a hangover.

  • I have internet access and eat here.

    The hush puppies are pretty awesome.

  • Very sneaky of you PoP. Way to instigate a race war through a restaurant review.

  • J.Con.: you so funny!!!

  • Enough people must eat here since it looks like they are able to pay the rent.

  • U ST was once a black hood

  • How about “Seafood and Things” at the corner of upshur and Georgia.

  • There’s a Ruby Tuesday around here!?! SHUT UP!

  • a few of the many things that are overlooked/ignored/misunderstood/never-contemplated by folks on this blog and in this city:

    (1) Black (and Latino) relationships with the police have NOT historically been based on service and protection, but containment, corruption and brutality (for the benefit of whites). It is a catch 22 (or 45) situation. These citizens need governmental protection from thugs and protection from state-sanctioned abuse.

    (2) DC was a corrupt playground of White Legislators until fairly recently. Any alternative to that would seem functional to local Blacks (you know who I’m talking about). As a non-local Black person, I’ve shaken my head into vertigo at this man. Now that I have learned a bit more about DC, I can understand why he was a good alternative…back then.

    (3) Several of you assume that Black folks in this city (a) never tried to improve communities (b) never thought to engage municipal “leadership”. That is an assumption based on the trope that blacks are shiftless, stupid and indolent. THAT IS RACIST. YOU ARE RACIST. You also assume that the civil powers that be respond to folks of color and folks who are poor (FTR race and class are inextricably intertwined in this country so please stop with the pathetic “it’s not race it’s class”) in the same manner and with the same enthusiasm as they do white folks. Assuming that a positive response from civil authorities is normative (not that it will necessarily happen) is a benefit of white privilege. The fact that there is a difference in response is the problem.

    Don’t get it twisted and think that I’m anti-gentrification…as I do live here. Can’t wait for Birch & Barley, love Tynan’s blueberry waffle, hate street harassment, passed out drunks and spit more than you’d believe. I also can’t stand the smug racism AND classism.

    I really do like this blog; Anon comments have to go in order to enhance the discussion. OTOH, the upshot of the negativity is that it reminds me of who my neighbors really are.

  • A little off topic but I’m sick of the rise in popularity of zombies. I’ve been obsessed with zombie takeovers for a good 10 years now. Now it’s the new rage to be obsessed with zombies. Let’s stop the poser zombie-obsession gentrification!

  • The food is awesome, especially the ribs. I’d say go there, unless your an asshole, then just go to hell.

  • No thanks. I’ve been to Herndon. You can keep it.

  • Well, first of all – my sister and I ate there about 3 years or so ago. Food was awful and the iced tea was so sweet you would have thought an entire sugar cane field was sacrificed for one glass. Needless to say we never went back. The only interesting thing about the place was the owner, whose brother, I think, was a professional stunt man. He has lots of photos of him with various movie stars on the wall (if I can remember) but it certainly wasn’t enough to make me go back and sample that nasty-ass food again. I’m black and my parents were both pretty good cooks – the stuff he’s selling there is no way near the soul food I grew up on.

    Now, to the class issue – black Washingtonians had their day in Columbia Heights and still do. As a matter of fact I own a house in Columbia Heights. I’ve lived in Logan Circle, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle and CH area all of my life. I’ve never left the 20009 zip code. But I got an education which allowed me to be able to afford a house in CH – plus I admit a lot of luck and now I’m a 15 year home owner. I love D.C. – I’m not leaving, they will take me kicking and screaming – unless of course I move to a tropical island! Marion Barry was mayor of D.C. for 4 terms – he NEVER did anything with those vacant lots on 14th. He allowed his cronies to waste lots of opportunities to develop those parcels but nothing ever came of it. It’s a miracle he got the government office building built there at 14th & U. Why did it take 30 plus years for the neighborhood to come back – why didn’t all those black folks who are crying gentrification do anything to develop 14th Street in the preceeding 30 years?

    People have a right to ask if a place is good – nothing racist about that. My husband and I frequent the restaurants on 18th & Columbia Road – sometimes when we enter a restaurant we get the feeling that folks don’t want us there – hey – I don’t reward them with my money or beg them to allow me to eat at their restaurant. I go elsewhere, where people greet me with a smile and actually act like they want my business. We’ve eaten at lots of places in D.C. and it doesn’t matter the race of the person who owns it – if the food and service are good – we go back and we tell our friends. People on this board are doing the same thing only in ciberspace.

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