Judging Restaurants – Scion Restaurant


Scion is located at 2100 P St., NW. I remember this spot used to be, I think, a pretty good Italian restaurant. Now it is “contemporary American cuisine with subtle Asian influences.” You can find their menus here. Any fans? Anyone remember the restaurant that used to be in this spot?

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  • I remember one of the restaurants that used to be in this spot. It was also an Italian place. I can recall at least three different restaurants being there in the past 4 years.

  • It used to be a Mediterranean place about 5 years ago called … Oh I can’t remember. A bit expensive, but it was very good and had great service. This place was a little blah, but the waitress did give me some of her puffed veggie chips as we waited for the rest of our party. So that was very nice.

  • I think there was a Caribbean place there most recently called Cafe Tropez. It was OK if a little overpriced. It always seemed oddly empty, which is why it’s not there anymore I guess.

  • They have a nice wine selection–since they’re still pretty new, they could use a little help in the charm department, but that may come with time.

  • It was BeDuCi before Cafe Tropez. They opened pretty much exactly when the huge resurfacing project started on that stretch of P seriously impeding street parking and foot traffic. Same thing seems to have happened to the Fractured Prune that was in a space occupied by the new pho joint. Bad timing is part of it.

  • Wasn’t this place Donna (Dona?) Adeles for years?

  • It’s alright, but definitely more interesting than its larger predecessor, Toyota (Japanese steak house).

  • Their Sunday brunch was pretty good and reasonably priced. I’d go back!

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