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When a reader inquired about Thai X-ing last week folks were mentioning other good Thai places that they liked. I noticed Paragon Thai was located at 3507 Connecticut Ave, NW in the strip with the new Weygandt Wines. I know this spot used to be a restaurant previously but I forget the name. Anyone know if Paragon Thai is a new spot? Is it any good?

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  • This place used to be Sala Thai.

    It was good then, and it’s still good now, at least for the few favorite dishes we order.

  • Very cheap lunch specials!

  • Huge fan of this place – cute cocktails and great take out!

  • I first ate there in Dec. or Jan. so it’s at least a year old, give or take. Been there twice now and both times were excellent.

  • The Thai place on the other side of Connecticut next to the firehouse is better.

  • I got take-out a couple times from the old place and it was, as they say around here, “turrible.” Hopefully the new place is an improvement.

    Jandara down by the Woodley Metro was always a lot better for take-out.

  • we get delivery from them regularly and they are consistantly good.

  • I went to dinner there a few months back and was impressed.

  • Very good. Way better than Thai Tannic II, to my dismay.

  • I never trust a paragon.

  • Agree with others – good takeout.

  • everyone likes Thai, and some people like to pretend that they’re connoisseurs of it. Its probably harder to get a reliable review of a Thai restaurant than any other food.

  • The two times I’ve eaten there, I found it pretty average to sub-standard. Siam House, across the street and next to the firehouse, is much better IMO. Definitely better Tom Kha and Pad Thai, and the service is better too.

  • I ate there the first weekend it opened and thought the food was absolutely disgusting. I ended up having to throw out my Pad Thai and ended up sharing my boyfriend’s dish which wasn’t great, but at least edible. I’m not a picky eater either so this was very bad food.

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