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  • 202-667-1992. It’s sad that I know their phone number by heart. I’ve been ordering from there for years and the best thing I can say is that their delivery is fast. As far as Oriental goes, I thought in North America it was okay to call things Oriental but not people. Since it appears to be Asian owned and operated I think we should let the name slide. Then again what do I know–I thought “Seafood and Crab” was just the name of a restaurant serving sketchy fried food not a symbol of classist oppression.

  • Oriental is not the preferred nomenclature, but it’s more complicated than that given that some people from outside the US like to self-identify with the term.

    However I had friends from Japan who bristled at the use of the term Asia as a continent because they were JAPANESE FROM JAPAN and had nothing to do with Russia, China, Vietnam, etc. So on the whole YMMV

  • Nomenclature aside, I remember their food being uncommonly good for your standard Americanized Chinese takeout place. And I think I remember that they don’t use MSG (or at least advertise that they don’t). It’s been at least 3 or 4 years since I’ve had their food, but if it’s the same, then I definitely recommend.

  • I liked it better when it was Honkey McCracker’s Mayonnaise ‘n Wonder Bread Hut and Pumphouse.

  • So is it ok to have a restaurant call the Occidental?

  • My understanding is similar — inanimate objects can be “oriental” in America, but people are not; it’s different in the UK and some other commonwealth countries. In this particular case, the in-Chinese name for the restaurant uses the word East, so I think they’re using “oriental” in its original Latinate sense.

  • Agreed with the nomenclature comments (for example, there are still oriental rugs–though I wonder if inanimate objects could be offended whether there would still be a things vs. people distinction).

    I remember liking the Kung Pao chicken when I lived nearby, but that was at least 5 years ago.

  • I’ve been here once and it wasn’t that good (General Tso’s) and it was kind of overpriced. I think they must pay high rent being in that location or something.

  • food is just OK

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