Judging Restaurants – Los Hermanos (Reader Request)

DR Restaurant

Los Hermanos is located at 1430 Park Road, NW. I had never noticed this spot before either but it’s not a new restaurant simply a new sign. I walked inside and was surprised how big the space is. Very deceiving from the outside. It’s a great space that smelled delicious. The folks were really friendly and there was a heated game of dominoes going on. All around a great vibe. So how’s the food!?!?

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  • I’ve got to figure out who this Hermano is.

  • GOB: “You’re a good guy mon frère – that means brother in French…I don’t know how I know that; I took four years of Spanish”

    On an actually related note, I worked in the DR for quite some time -love the food- and am so excited to have this restaurant one block away. I’d be down for having a POP foodies’ get together at Los Hermanos.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Melissa I think that’s a great idea! I’ll post tomorrow to see if folks are interested and try to schedule.

  • yes! i love me some mangu and patacones. con queso frito.

  • Just go in hungry with a friend and say, “Dos Banderas Por Favor”, and enjoy an authentic Dominican meal like a native without any fancy surroundings with a slice of lime and a Presidente.

  • I’m there.

  • morir son~ando! Yuca frita habichuelas concon

  • I also saw this for the first time, even though I walk there very often! Gonna try to eat there either this weekend or next.

  • Great to have some Dominican food in the neighborhood. Best of luck from all of us:-)

  • the chicharron and empanadas there are amazing – definitely worth a try. I just wish they’d do something about making the place more visually appealing. It looks kinda dirty.

  • Wow – it’s not like I walk past this place twice a day and never knew it existed. I didn’t even know we had enough of a Dominican presence in our pueblo en la ciudad to support something that looks like it’s on a business model catering mostly to natives. Now that they have a new sign, they’re a just quick remodel away from becoming bougie central the way that Pho place next door has.

  • What? I did not know this place existed. I am going to have to go check it out this weekend. I have been dreaming of having a Presidente and a Sancocho for about a month. 🙂

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