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Cafe Divan is located at 1834 Wisconsin Ave., NW. I love this corner building and feel like over the years I’ve seen a few restaurants come and go. Though I believe Cafe Divan has been in the space for a number of years now. So what’s the word – thumbs up or down? They even have a carry out menu

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  • My godparents took me here when I first moved to DC and I thought the lamb kabobs I had were quite delicious and filling. Haven’t been back since, but I do remember that meal positively.

  • Divan has been there since at least 2003. Went on a date there just before I met my spouse…

  • Delicious and up above is a resonably priced boutique hotel – all in all a great little spot. I haven’t tried their newest creation just next door to the take-away, its seafood as opposed to meat dishes.

  • Not impressed

  • They’re very tasty and reasonably priced (entrees in the low teens). And as an extra bonus, they have free delivery.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ed. Note: Delivery is for a 3 mile radius.

  • Just tried it out for the first time the other night. Overall, I was impressed — cheap food and cute place — although the lamb pide I had was pretty blah and disappointing. The lamb kebabs and bread they serve at the beginning were delicious!

  • I’ve been there twice and everything I had there was tasty both times – would definitely go back again.

  • I was there about a year and half ago. I thought it was great.

  • It may not be the best Turkish we have in the city (though certainly close), it’s by far my favorite. Importantly, they have everything I need on the menu, including lentil soup which actually tastes like lentil soup in Turkey, something that I haven’t found done right anywhere else in the city. I’ll often just pop into the take out area, and eat at one of their tables there, making it even cheaper! I also often recommend this place for dates, because of its great mix of cozy atmosphere, affordable dishes, and exotic deserts.

  • I’ve met Marcus Divan on more than one occasion, and his restaurants tend to be diamonds in the rough. That is, if you dig deep enough, you’re sure to find the perfect dish that you will end up going back again and again for.

  • We (restaurant people and a Turkish friend) used to go often after the G’town flea market on Sunday and were always pleased. Plus they were especially accommodating & good with little kids. Haven’t been since the market moved however.

    Wow! We have spellcheck on these postings now! I’m ecstatic! (And would have otherwise needed the dictionary to say that!)

  • Good place. Yes, it has been there since late 2002 I believe. My wife and I would pop in on nights when we felt like staying close to home. Good drinks, good food, great prices and very nice atmosphere. Not the best place in DC, but still very good. Yes, they are good with kids. We were often “those people” with multiple little kids at our table.

    We don’t live in DC anymore 🙁

  • saf

    It’s been there a while.

    When I worked in that neighborhood, I used to go there regularly. Liked it. Should get back there.

    OK, just checked the Post review, and it’s from 2002, and mentions that it had just recently opened.

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