Judging Restaurants – 7th Hill and Monmartre


7th Hill Pizzeria and Monmartre are located at 327 7th St SE near Eastern Market. They are owned by the same folks and 7th Hill only recently opened up. My friends tell me the pizza was great. Anyone else check them out yet? Sorry to combine the two but it seemed to make sense. You can see Monmatre’s menus here.


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  • Montmartre has some of the best authentic bistro fare in DC, along with some authentically bitchy service. The calves liver is worth it, though, along with the cassoulet. The pizzeria, not so much. They need some time to iron out the service/pizza kinks.

  • Montmartre is really really good. Never been to the pizza joint.

  • Been to the pizza joint, not the french one.

    It’s no 2 Amy’s, but it’s better than Ella’s. I didn’t think the value was as good as Pizzaria Paradiso

  • Montmartre is one of the most underrated restaurants in the city. Great food–consistently. I always have the hanger steak, but others I go with have enjoyed lots of the other dishes. It’s unpretentious and yet a good place for ‘serious’ occasions. I haven’t tried the pizza place yet, but friends are saying good things.

  • Montmartre does a fantastic brunch and we hope to try it soon for dinner. I’m a little sad it’s getting colder so sitting outside comfortably is less of an option. Married to a pizza fiend, it’s only a matter of time before we try 7thHill.

  • I love love love Montmartre, and not just b/c it’s so close to home! I’ve never had a bad meal there, and while GiantSquid is right that it’s sad we can’t sit outside in colder weather, they have the best French comfort food in the city!

    I’ve only been to 7th Hill twice so far – and once was before they opened when they were giving out free pizza. Pizza was pretty good; not great. I do like the vibe though; it feels so neighborhoody and both times I’ve been in I’ve run into at least one person I know. And, I’m always a sucker for joints like that.

  • I love Montmartre! The service is just as great as the food. It can get a bit loud bu otherwise its one of my absolute favorites.

  • I have always had an excellent experience at Montmartre even with the authentically French snubbery.

  • 7th Hill is $$$$. Three pizzas, two house wines and a soda cost us $75. I haven’t done my math but don’t recall Red Rocks being so pricey. Their pizzas are good and I’ll go back but they are not as good as Red Rocks. Montmartre, however, is worth every penny.

  • Montmartre is worth a special trip. Delicious fare from top to bottom on the menu. I especially like the hanger steak, or the liver, or the bunny. Pizza place looks promising….

  • Shhhh… don’t tell anyone about Monmartre. The rabbit is amazing.

  • FWIW I like Bistro D’OC in Penn Quarter a little bit better for hidden French Gems. That being said, this place is pretty damn good.

  • Crosb is right.

    I keep Montmartre to myself because I am greedy and don’t want to share. Also on a cold day, there is nothing in this whole city I’d rather eat than the rabbitt dish and there is no close second.

  • Tried the pizza on their 2 or 3rd day open. It was good but not great. My friend and I both agreed that we did not like the crust. I couldn’t eat the ends they tasted like paper. No table service and no salads.

  • that would be montmartre–with two t’s–dearie. wonderful place. wonderful food. have to get over there soon. you certainly get around!

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