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P & C Market is located at 1023 East Capitol St, SE. They even have a facebook page. I’m curious about this spot because a friend of mine said they have the absolute best bread/croissants in town. As you can tell I wandered around Capitol Hill this past weekend (thanks to Nichole’s desertion…) but if what I’m hearing is true, then this could be a great find to share. It’s easy to walk by this spot without noticing it as it’s in the basement of a corner rowhouse. Anyway, how’s the bread? The rest of the market?

Here’s what it looks like from the front, plus there is a flower shop behind it:


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  • I didn’t desert! I still love PoP! It just proved to be difficult and frustrating for me to discern what the PoP audience (particularly the more vocal among them) wanted to read about regarding the Hill neighborhoods. And, the little Hill blog that some folks and I started took off more than we expected and takes up a lot of time.

    P&C Market is great. It’s a block from my house, so I’m in there a lot. I interviewed Chase and Pablo back in July for The Hill is Home. You can read it here: http://www.thehillishome.com/2009/07/five-questions-pc-market/

  • thanks for putting me on to this place. i’m going to check it out this weekend!

  • Oh, and Surroundings is a great florist and I love having that place so close to home!

  • I really like it, I have a friend who lives in the area and I’ve stopped by a few times to get cheese/meat/bread/crackers. Good selection, not cheap.

  • I live a block from it as well. It is just way way too pricey. Almost no beer below $10 and they often lack basic things that you need at a corner store ie – they have lemon curd, but no peanut butter. I had high hopes, but so far disappointed.

  • it’s pricey, the workers(owners) are super nice and know where everything is…the one bad thing is that for a corner mkt you sort of what them to carry staples like bread/ hamburgers/buns/hotdogs/cereal..and it’s more of a specialty shop..they do have great organic milk that comes in glass jars that are returnable.

  • There are definitely times that I miss the old market, even though by the end, it was never open, and it was so cramped you couldn’t even move. But, I love having easy access to Polyface Farms meat and the great selection of wines and cheeses the guys keep in stock.

    For my more traditional corner market needs, I walk down to the one on 5th and E. Capitol. It’s a little bit farther away, but it’s almost like a mini-grocery.

  • Oh, and PoP, another great corner market in this neck o’ the woods is Cornercopia down on 11th and K SE. He’s got great sandwiches and sushi from Sticky Rice.

  • Mott’s Market on 12th just south of Independence isn’t too far away for the more traditional corner market this does seem to be more specialty store than “corner market” in the way most people think. I just haven’t gotten around to poking my head in.

  • About P&C market and its demographic —

    There is a huge difference between people who live on/in the Hill and people who live in Petworth or Columbia Heights. I felt it pretty strongly when dating a guy from the Hill and meeting all his friends and neighbors. Now I realize that the friends I have made in CH or Petworth are a different animal. I definitely feel more in common with CH and Petworth residents.

  • nice people and a great selection of foodstuffs, but waaaay overpriced. they are selling beer, wine, gelato and other products at a good 25% to 40% over what other stores price them at. i’ve been there 4 times and probably won’t go back unless im in a real pinch and don’t feel like driving. if you have money to burn, it’s great.

  • bogfrog –

    What does that even mean? The only real difference in the “demographic” is that those in CH or Petworth seem to have a superiority complex because they live in less safe neighborhoods.

    Or, am I missing something?

  • the Capitol Hill people seem to look down on other people and to act cliquey. Most of them said, “we only looked for houses with Gary” and “only looked on the Hill.” I would describe the parties at their homes as pretty monochromatic.

  • It would be nice to have a more “general” store there but I’ll trade it for some of the awesome stuff Pablo & Chase carry. They are super nice and always remember us and let me tell you guys: the egg nog they carry there – it’s amazing. So is this raspberry cheesecake ice cream. Addicting! They have great coffee and pastries so it’s a nice Sunday morning stop on the way to the market.

  • I pick up a few select items here each week – mostly dairy products, which are superior. The farm fresh milk, butter, eggs and ice cream are all amazing (from trickling springs creamery). Their bread is baked fresh each AM by the same baker who delivers to the french embassy.

    It would be a mistake to consider this a corner market – it is definitely more of a wine/specialty shop. Home cooks and foodies can find a number of delightful items tucked into the small space.

    That being said, it is pricey. If you choose to spend more on quality ingredients, then this is a place to find them. You can also find some items that are hard to find in bigger grocery stores – specifically ethnic ingredients. This isn’t the place to pick up Jiffy, though sometimes you might.

    Pablo and Chase are amazing. They really know their customers and their products and are always happy to share information about the source of the goods, the vendors, etc.

    So shop as your budget and taste buds allow and this can be a delightful addition to your grocery line up.

  • I would love if Cornercopia was at 11th and K SE (instead of Papa Johns), but it’s further west somewhere around 3rd and K SE

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