Judging Homes – From Brick to Vinyl Yet Still Missing a Shutter…

Irving 001

“Dear PoP,

I noticed that the house with the fake stick-on bricks that has been discussed now has white vinyl siding!”

Wild. This home is located at 783 Irving Street, NW. It was a GDoN feature back in Dec. 2008. Here’s what it looked like then:


Any idea why they’d switch from brick to vinyl?

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  • Craigslist Want Ad

    Wanted: serial arsonist. please bring resume and meet me at 783 Irving street.

  • i hate screw on shutters.
    maybe the stick on bricks unstuck themselves.

  • The owner of this house needs to be on the show “Curb Appeal”. They need help!

  • haha fun fact:

    Go to google maps and doo street view for the address above…youll see the scaffolding in place for vinyl installation. Busted!!

  • I adopted a cat once after someone had cut off his eyelashes. Before they grew back he looked a lot like this house.

  • Maybe they wanted to highlight the single shutters? I used to have a chum with one eye, he wore an eye patch when out drinking as he swore it attracted easy pirate-like girls.

  • A crime against humanity!

  • i just threw up in my mouth

  • We take driver’s licenses away after enough traffic violations, right? Can’t we take an architect’s license away for designing crimes against the senses? How can someone with so little aesthetic sense get enough positive feedback over their lifetime to think, yeah, ya know, architecture could really work for me …

  • Architect? What architect?

  • HEY stupid homeowner!! Take the damn shutters off!

    You are just advertising to everyone driving by that you bought a house that is so crappy they didn’t get the windows right. (Now the look of the siding is better but only because the brick was so crappy.)

  • “cut off his eyelashes”
    daaaaaaaaaammmmn, thats cold.

  • You know what’s so baffling about the seemingly never-ending saga of this place is that they don’t just FIX IT!

    Even a cosmetic hack job — leave the existing wall, and build a non-structural 1′ frame on that side of the house and cover it with the same material as the rest of he house — would improve things a million times.

    Would anyone ever buy such an eyesore unless it was well below the going rate for a non-hideous house on that street?

  • I am pretty sure that this house will be foreclosed on soon since no one wanted to buy such a monstrosity. The “brick” was starting to crumble off, so the vinyl is most likely to cover it up. Hopefully, the new owner will tear it down ASAP and build something more aesthetically and structurally sound.

  • that is honestly the most hideous thing in the history of architecture. it makes that bizarro four story pop top just off north capital in eckington look like the taj mahal. i am speechless.

  • The false wall solution suggested by Jamie above would present a major moisture problem.

    Taking off the shutters entirely would be an obvious improvement but it is still an unfortunate house.

  • at some point this house was inspected. gotta wonder what the rest of it is like if they cant even frame the windows right ( or reframe the exterior walls, or the shudders as an afterthought). only good thing is the house seems to say “im a deranged idiot” might be more effective than a security system. i actually like it, in that it is completely F’d compared to most homes. at some point it could count for character, and with any home you should have a story about the contruction problems/challenges.

  • the horror…the horror…

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