Is This a Good Deal?

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This weekend I noticed a few of these signs outside laundromats. This seems like a pretty good deal, yeah? Does anyone drop off their laundry and use a service like this? This one is located at 3325 Georgia Ave.


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  • I brought my dress shirts here when i moved to the hood and thought it was totally a steal until i realized it didn’t include pressing.

  • It’s actually not bad for what it is. I think I paid .50/lb in college in College Park in the early-mid 90s. Once I discovered this service, I never did another load of laundry in college again.

  • I paid .59 back in 1996 so it sounds good to me. Funny story, I brought in new green towels and they came back peach. THese places bleach the shit out of everything. But I LOVE fluff and fold.

  • Yep, that’s a good deal. I paid 60 cents a pound when I was in college, 10 years ago. I didn’t have a w/d in my apartment, and I just hated sitting around the laundromat. I’d drop my stuff off on my way to work, and pick it up after. There were some bleach mishaps, but nothing dire enough to keep me from going back.

  • Annualized infaltion rate b/t 1996 and 2009 is 2.67 percent, so yes, if you paid 60 cents in college and are paying 75 cents now, you are paying only 20 percent more, which is like 6 percent below 1996 dollars. You’re getting a good deal. For those of you who paid 50 cents in college, youre paying the same thing.

  • sorry, meant to type 25 percent more, which is like 9 percent below 1996 dollars, and those of you paying 50 cents back in the day are getting shafted. my bad.

  • I pay 1.25 weekend rate now. I think it’s 1 during the week. 15lb minimum. This is on 1st and RI NW.

    However, I do have to drop stuff off. The services that picks stuff up from your door is 1.75 or more.

    Anyone know of any better alternatives in Bloomingdale area?

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