I Too Am Enjoying the Zombie Fad But This Might Be Taking it a bit Too Far…

Zombie Slayer, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending in the photo. Though I must say if you haven’t read World War Z, I thought it was absolutely terrific. I haven’t seen Zombieland yet but I hear it’s pretty good as well.

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  • Gee, I hope they know the difference between REAL zombies versus the completely wasted homesless people wandering the streets.

  • Well aren’t those Virginia Tags. Virginia loves its vanity plates. They must throw in a free beej with every set or something.

  • Zombieland was hilarious. The liter of rum we smuggled in to the theater may have contributed somewhat, but I’m pretty sure it would have been hilarious sober too!

  • that is awesome. Never too far when it comes to the walking dead.

  • I know of a guy that drives a black truck with “Zombie Urban Assault Vehicle” Spray stenciled onto it. The license plate is zombie related too. And this was WAY before the recent zombie fad.

  • thank you divine – zombies were cool before they were “cool”. it should be noted that zombie lore has had a significant following before it became a fad in the same vein as pirates, ninjas, cyborgs, etc. my friend and I made a push for zombie reagan 2004 presidency. it failed miserably. It being a fad is one thing, but, the parallels between zombie lore and modern day living are simply too glaring to avoid. so fad or no fad, zombies are about the raddest thing in need of a good slaying that this world has to offer. Period.

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