Huge Police/Fire Response 8pm Monday Night at 13th and Otis

fire 007, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Lots of emails about this incident. Here’s the most descriptive with the subject line – “10 cruisers, 2 EMS, 2 fire engines on 3600 block of 13th St”:

“No idea what went on around 8pm tonight, but it got a lot of attention from emergency services. Sirens galore. They shut down 13th street between Otis and Spring. At Otis and 13th, cops from about 5 cruisers were interviewing witnesses. At Spring and 13th, the paramedics loaded one individual into an ambulance on a stretcher. Two cars looked to be involved in the collision.”

It’s not clear whether there was a chase involve or if it was just a terrible accident. I’ll see what I can find out from MPD tomorrow. If anyone else knows more about this incident please leave info the comments.

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  • Don’t know anything but also saw this going on. There were about 10-12 police officers milling about outside one of the first homes on the north side of Otis near 13th. Police were also blocking Spring. Accident looked liked it totaled a pick-up from a glass company that was carrying a family (they were standing on the sidewalk and looked ok – must have been the driver of the other car who was hurt.

    Would love to know what happened.

  • We live in the north end of that block of 13th and heard the accident at the 13th and Spring intersection. There was no chase or anything else going on – or at least, my husband and I didn’t hear sirens immediately preceding the accident. Unless there was a stolen car, I’d guess that the police activity on Otis was unrelated – just coincidental timing.

  • That’s actually my house on the block of 13th and Otis with the fire truck in front of it. There was a giant scuffle between the residents of a house across the street on Otis with about 15 people outside yelling and screaming at each other.

    There was also a woman in red that could not get up and had to have an ice pack placed on her head.

    I’m not sure what happened, but I couldn’t believe how many cops showed up! I would call this a domestic dispute call – but it was pretty intense.

  • You know, I almost posted about seeing a guy in his late teens/early 20s getting pretty rough with a girl seated in a car parked in that block of Otis a few weeks ago, but didn’t want to speculate. I think the guy went into the first (western-most) house on the north side of Otis. I was walking with the baby and the dog, but without a cell, so I felt like I couldn’t really intervene or do much to help other than walk by and quietly ask the girl if she were ok (she ignored me). He came back out and they had driven away by the time I got to the end of the block, so calling 911 once I got home didn’t seem helpful. So it sadly doesn’t surprise me much if this was a domestic incident.

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