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IMG_0171, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for bay windows. (Located near 16th and U) I’m still not sure how I feel about gas lit lamps. I think I like ’em:


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  • This place was re-done about a year ago and they did a really nice job restoring the original building and improving upon it. I too love the gas lights.

  • Gaslights are so Washington and very inviting in a home, particularly at night.

    Modern gaslight fixtures are now well outfitted with electronic ignition and automatic gas valve shut on/off with care free timers as well.

    Really cool.

  • How can a body not love gaslights?! Ah, it brings back the romance of a bygone era: cholera, Jack the Ripper, pantaloons…

  • i agree. gas lights are the shit.
    so are bay windows and tasteful paint jobs.

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