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IMG_2176, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I found this one on Blagden Avenue in Crestwood. It’s got a sweet door too. But man – wait for some others later in the week from the same block. They are incredible. While we’re on this house though, I’m curious if there are fans of ranch houses?


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  • I like this! I’m a fan of ranch houses, if they are done well. Most ranch houses are done very badly.

  • Ranch homes give a low FAR and don’t promote a vibrant community. They should banned within the city limits.

    And it’s nice to know even the rich have to use a stick-on plastic doorbell.

  • ranch homes rock! I live in a 3 floors over a basement rowhouse at 14th & Kenyon and would love to not hear my knees crack. plus you’re living in the city. i’m in suburbia already, with marshalls, target, best buy, bed bath and beyond, ruby tuesday, cvs, 7-11, payless, potbelly, subway, radio shak, giant, 5 guys, mattress discounters, and an Ihop on the way. so i might as well live it, brady bunch style.

  • Oooo, I have some mid-century art that would look good in that place!

  • I love retro ranch houses like this one! So cool looking.

  • I love –LOVE– these houses. But I should clarify. I love ranch houses that are in a distinctive setting and have architectural integrity. The house above fits the bill. What I DON’T love are tract ranch houses built on flat, empty pieces of land with the cheapest materials possible. I think houses like the one above, with its interesting stonework and the varied topography of its lot, are beautiful in the same way I think some of the row houses in the Logan Circle neigborhood are beautiful.

  • They totally ruined that awesome door with the non-matching deadbolt and doorbell button.

  • Lovely overall, but I totally agree with Jamal.

  • Actually knew the guys who bought the house a number of years ago and rehabbed it (sold it about 4 or 5 years ago). It’s amazing inside. Beautiful and tons of space.

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