High Heel Race Tonight on 17th Street


I’ve never actually been to this annual race on 17th Street, NW but friends have told me it is phenomenal. I’m not sure if it is a rain or shine event – anyone know? Also anyone know what time and where exactly it starts. A bunch of friends are going to some bars along 17th Street to get a good viewing spot. Sadly, I can’t make it tonight – so if anyone goes please take some photos for me! You can email me the photos to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com or upload them to the PoPville flickr pool here.

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  • 9 PM, get there at 5 or 6, rain or shine

  • The race occurs rain or shine. People start to assemble around 6pm, but the race doesn’t begin until 9pm. This year, it starts at 17th and R NW and finishes at 17th and P NW.

  • Pop this is an epic dc experience. You’ve got to get there around 6:15 at the latest as people can be about 5 deep and arriving late means no real view. Also, no bars along the route actually offer a good view because of the previously mentioned fact that people stand 5+ deep.

  • love it! woohoooooooooo!

  • It’s not as fun as it used to be when it was an unsanctioned event and the police would try to arrest the drag queens for blocking traffic. Ah the good ole days.

  • rain or shine, and it rains almost every year…

  • A premier DC event! Was once much better – one year they blocked off the street before and after and let the neighborhood have music, booths, a raffle etc. Now the DC police come in the moment the race is over and practically bulldoze the people in order to re-open 17th St. Get there early because the back and forth parade of drag queens, theme groups, gay Batman and Robin etc., “show girls” etc before the race is actually the best part. The saddest part is the lack of costumes in the audience. Everyone dresses like a Georgetown student.

  • it actually stopped being fun years ago…oh about the same time it was over run with pushy drunk straight girls…who then act pushy and drunk in all the bars.

  • Wow Pop, you finally deigned to mention something gay to do (I noticed you post picks of every little parade or event, but ignored the huge Equality March recently…)! But of course you would mention this, as most gay people don’t attend anymore. I saw my very first race way back in ’92: I was 16, and an older friend and I sneaked into JR’s… the good old days!

  • This is a precurser (but not affiliated with) the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant at the Washington Hilton this Saturday, I’m sure PoP will cover this major neighborhood event.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @DrewLove can you tell me more details about the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @JohhnyReb I’m happy to post “something gay to do”, just email me. My weekend picks come from emails. Thanks.


  • I must echo the sentiment that it was a lot more fun before it became a drag parade for an audience comprised mostly of dumb drunk college girls.

  • A short video from last year’s event – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxH-_gXllZs

  • *claps* for the calling out of PoPs failure to mention the recent Equality March. I was there…it was very gay and I was sad to see both DCist and PoP ignore it….pictures or no pictures.

    now on to the drag race…I didn’t go. It was rainy and wet. Last year I nearly froze to death. yay for global warming?

  • Yeah, Lauren, I thought it was sort of a slap in the face. Every little ethnic parade gets mentioned on PoP (most of which are small and I wouldn’t have know about them if I hadn’t seem the pictures posted here), but not the HUGE Equality March…

  • I am a bit offended that if someone has a backyard barbecue or lost dog, it’s mentioned but over 1 hundred thousand gays march through the streets of DC and rally AND lady gaga crawls from whatever rainbow she’s been hiding under and it still gets no mention.

    this is DC though and if you act like it never happened, it just eventually goes away, right? *cough*taxicab bribes*cough*

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Lauren in the future just email any event you’d like to see covered and I’ll gladly do it. I’m only one person and can’t get to everything.

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