Has Anyone Been to the Flea Market Store?

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It’s located at 1626 Lincoln Road, NE but the address may be a bit decieving. It’s sorta on North Capitol near Quincy. I’ve passed by this spot, on the other side of the street, dozens of times. I don’t know why I’ve never checked it out myself but thought I’d ask if there are any fans out there?

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  • Stopped by to eyeball a baby swing but it was broken.

  • Fleas are about the only unbroken item you will find there.

  • I’m a big thrift store fan and this place is very disappointing.

  • My apartment building is going through its second bedbug infestation in a year. The first time was caused by used furniture, so I tend to avoid these places nowadays.

  • Seriously, I have looked twice and found nothing except what looks like has already been picked out of someone elses trash. Roaches and other little critters are most likely hiding out in whatever is on display. TVs are the worst. Roaches love electronics. Shop at your own expense.

  • picked out of someone’s trash? or picked out of someone’s living room…?

  • That place has been there forever! Seriously. And I know for a fact that they just drive around the city looking for stuff on the curb to re-sell, b/c I saw a couch that was on my block one day, and sitting outside their place 3 days later. That was back in ’99.

  • On a positive note, the guy that owns this place is really nice and has a great sense of humor. I’ve walked my dog past there many times, he is always friendly. He gives odd jobs to some people in the neighborhood and he is always smiling and sometimes wearing a sombrero. I got a really nice mirror and a funky painting from here for cheap, said he was giving me the neighborhood discount. His hours are a little wonky though.

  • the area is very poverty stricken. this kind of store fills a deep need. its not a hip vintage shop like miss pixies, or even the gold mine that rough and ready is. its the kind of place that if you shop in but can afford better, you should go elsewhere. ever go into a trashed out house while you were looking to buy, and thought , “holy shit, people actually lived here?”. yeah, those people shop here because they cant afford better. and middle class people that like to feel down with the hood.

  • Kathryn- I feel your pain. I had to move out of my building and pay $500 to get my new place treated to ensure I didn’t move any of the little buggers with me. It was worth every penny, not one bite since…Ahhhh.

  • I bought a couple of tables and a chair there and refinished them. Nothing special, but a lot of fun to poke through the store.

  • Never stopped , but everytime that I go by I check to make sure that Frankenstein in a sombrero is still there.

  • Used to be a store of the same name (and sign??) in Clarendon. In the Murky Coffee space. I used to buy stuff there all the time when I first moved to the area.

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