Good Deal or Not? Painted Brick Edition


This home is located at 1211 Otis Place, NW:

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The flier says:

“Nicely renovated 3 Bedroom, 1 ba home with 1 BR, 1 BA rental unit(currently mo to mo $1068)in Columbia Heights. Nice open floor plan with chefs kitchen, stainless steel appliances and grantite countertops. Brick patio and garden, parking possible. Short walk to Comunbia Height metro, shops and cafes.”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

I’m a big fan of this location and actually do like the painted brick. My only concern is that in the virtual tour that doesn’t seem to be many photos of windows. What do you guys think of the house itself? Keeping in mind that there is a rental unit does $479,000 sound reasonable?

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  • Those pictures induced a nauseating feeling of claustrophobia. I couldn’t live in a space that narrow.

  • What is up with 1 bath homes – if you are going to renovate, add a bathroom (or at least a powder room). Really pretty difficult to live with one bathroom for three bedrooms plus guests.

  • “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” But seriously, what is behind the curtain in the dining room? Oz?

  • Cute backyard and very nice kitchen. The rental unit is also a plus. It does need another bathroom though.

  • This a good deal. Very good in fact.

  • good deal. the rental unit is paying about $150k, of your mortgage, which makes this place very affordable for the location.

  • Not bad, only because of the rental unit.
    I don’t think this would be a fun house to live in though.
    Keep in mind that Otis St. is a narrow one way street.
    Drivers will think nothing of stopping mid street to have a conversation with someone on the pavement with little or no regard that you would like to continue driving.

  • Seems like a good deal, though difficult to get a sense of the actual layout of the place from the virtual tour.

  • The 1BA is a little annoying, but 479K is pretty good, especially with the rental unit. Even at 400K of mortgage, the basement alone picks up almost half of it. Compare this to a 2BR condo a little further down 16th, and it looks even better.

  • I’m pretty sure there was a washer and dryer behind the curtain. It was also space big enough for a half bath, i think. I had some issues with items that were skipped over during the renovation (the disintegrating front steps, the windows on the back) but otherwise thought it would be a wise investment.

  • Re: The layout.
    What you see is what you get.
    Downstairs is a straight shot, front to back, incorporating LR, DR, and K.
    Behind the curtain? Probably makeshift storage space.

  • It seems like a good deal, even figuring in the cost of adding a half bath. The furniture / arrangement here seems to emphasize the narrowness of the house; I’ve seen better staging for that kind of space.

    What does it mean when the listing says, “parking possible”? Are there legal/zoning hoops? Would you have to cut into the backyard?

  • Parking possible. I think it means sacrificing the back yard entirely.

  • Would you consider this Columbia Heights, Parkview or Petworth?

    Is Columbia Heights still perceived as the ideal choice, if possible, to place on a listing? (i.e. would I rather buy a house in north columbia heights, than, say, south petworth?)

  • It’s definitely Columbia Heights (Spring’s the border) –cute house and very helpful to see comments as to what makes a house in this area attractive as we’re working on our own renovation. Not that we’re moving any time soon of course!

  • Complaints about the narrowness of the house and of the street seem quite odd to me, given that this is blog is about homes in DC. One way streets and row homes are ubiquitous.

    I think it looks like a good deal. A powder room would be a nice addition, but the price seems to have taken this into account. Removing the curtains in both the living room and the dining room would probably be preferred by most buyers but this is easy to do. The apartment has real windows in it, it isn’t just some disgusting basement, so it could provide realistic income for the owner. The kitchen has been recently renovated. The bathrooms appear to have been recently renovated (although the closed curtains are a bit annoying). The wood doors in all the rooms are very nice.

    The ‘parking possible’ issue I think is explained in the notes below where it says ‘street parking’.

    All in all, I think it is a nice house and priced to attract buyers and I predict it will sell quickly.

  • If you cleaned the basement up a bit, it seems like you could get more than 1068/month. I know plenty of studio basement apartments in the area that charge 1100+.

  • Re: Ogden’s comment on “complaints”
    Observations are not complaints, and , saying that something is ubiquitous is a gross exaggeration as if to say there are not choices, when indeed there are.
    Not all houses are so narrow as not all house are as wide as this house.
    There actually are houses on 2 way streets in DC.

  • [email protected]:20: Look up the word ‘ubiquitous’. It doesn’t mean that there are no other choices. It means commonplace.

    Call them observations or complaints, I don’t care, they still amount to the same thing: negative commentary. They are useless and ignore the point of GDoN entirely, as does your comment.

  • where’s the link for the virtual tour?

  • i saw the house, it is too narrow. for my money, I will wait to get a wider house.

    also there is a mean looking pit bull next door. i have a little dog. i prefer him not to be eaten by someone’s tough looking status symbol.

  • Pretty good deal, I think. It is what it is — seems like a nice little starter home for somebody who may not be quite there on a 2500/mo mortgage and can leverage the rental income to stretch into SFH-ownership and who doesn’t mind being a little more removed from the commercial centers of the area. Either way, the fact that the lower apartment clears 1000/mo makes the economics seem pretty good on this place. I bet it goes quickly at close to the asking price.

  • Thank you Ogden I have looked up ubiquitous.
    My Random House College Dictionary says it is an adjective meaning “being everywhere especially at the same time; omnipresent” So, not only does it NOT mean commonplace, its meaning is of a temporal nature suggesting things that can move and change, such as people, and ideas, and should not be applied to the concrete, such as real estate.

    To address Good Deal or Not. Be it a negative comment, or an observation, evaluation is what makes it a good deal or not and I believe that is the purpose of the comments area.
    A choked up narrow street as opposed to a comfortable thoroughfare may make a location less of a good deal.
    A tiny house on a narrow street for 500K in a bad neighborhood may be less of a good deal than a large house on a tree lined avenue in a nice neighborhood for the same price. Just saying, you most likely will disagree.
    I am sorry you think negative thoughts are inappropriate for this segment of PoP.
    Have a nice day.

  • It’s all right for the neighborhood, but still out of my price range.

    Anonymous: if you think Petworth is bad, have you tried Ivy City? Do you really think you’ll find a house in the 500s in Tenley or something? (I almost said Brookland, but I wondered if you consider that to be “a bad neighborhood” as well….)

  • It is nice to see the comments (good and bad) on the house. To respond to some of the critiques: There is a powder room “roughed in” under the stairs. At the time of the renovation, the stairs were ok. I chose to get the best windows I could for the front and keep the older windows on back.

    I love to see that Pop has not changed a bit: strong opinions is what makes it a great site. And those curtains are very wizard-esque. I agree. I miss you, Columbia Heights!

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