Good Deal or Not? Mt. P Reader Request

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This home is located at 1612 Newton Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Charming, sunny 1930s TH in Historic Mt Pleasant, 3 blocks to Metro, shops, restaurants, theater & Rock Creek Park. Handsomely renovated to provide 3 finished levels, 2 lrg BR 1BA up, finished lower level den, family room and 2nd BA, corian/stainless Kit, spacious rear deck, front porch, PARKING.”

More info and photos found here.

A reader writes:

“Wondering if this is a GDoN….the house first listed at $529,000 and the price has now dropped to $499,000. GDoN? It is at 1612 Newton St NW, just off 16th St.”

What do you think of the house itself? Does $499,000 sound reasonable for a 2 bed/2 bath?

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  • Go inside the house. Only after that will you know this is a terrible deal. This is possibly the teeniest house ever. You can’t even open the nice new kitchen cabinets all the way because they hit the fridge.

  • I think you’re really paying for location with this one.

  • I was thinking it was ok until I remembered the GDoN from a couple of days ago on Otis. Same price, but with a $1000/mo rental unit, and 1 more BR and 1 less bath upstairs. And I think the locations are comparable — I’m not sure that being west of 16th St really has quite the premium as it once did.

  • This seems like a terrible renovation, especially with regards to the heating/AC systems. They have radiators in parts of the house and baseboard heating in others, window AC units in some rooms, and walls systems in others. And the house itself does look extremely small. I say bad deal, by a lot.

  • Bad Deal

  • Why does room 11 always get all the hate? What about the new Belgium place, Social, thai tonic, heights, commonwealth, red rocks, the derb, wonderland and whatever ends up at Nori.

    please spread the hate around…

    my personal opinion is room 11 is a lot cooler than all of the above by the way. it’s pretty small, and good place to talk, quiet, etc.

  • wrong article:( for the house: bad deal, turn it into a bar!

  • I can’t imagine that $500K for a 2br is ever a good deal unless it’s somehow much larger than the bedrooms would indicate, or in a rather immaculate neighborhood.

  • This deal is so bad it needs some medicine-Why does room 11 always get all the hate? What about the new Belgium place, Social, thai tonic, heights, commonwealth, red rocks, the derb, wonderland and whatever ends up at Nori.

  • I say good deal. The kitchen/bathroom finishes are cheap, though (I’ve seen those Ikea kitchen cabinets in SOOO many renos, including the one I’m buying this month), but the worst are the bathroom sinks and corian countertops.

    Other than that: look, you have 2 (allegedly) large bedrooms and parking for $499k along with a finished basement and a porch, and you’re west of 16th St. That’s an all-around good idea. Compare this to the sort of condos selling for around $450k in the same neighborhood, and I think you’re coming out ahead.

  • +1 This is still a house, with a (for a house around these neighborhoods) relatively large backyard – spend a few thousand to landscape it and put in nice fence and you’ve got an outdoor space that many condo owners will envy.

  • @GforGood, this house has a postage stamp size front yard, zero back yard (deck and parking instead). No yard to speak of + small size = condo. I live on this block, it is a great location, but this house just doesn’t have much to offer.

  • I never understood mismatched appliances in a newly renovated home. To me it’s the equivalent of buying a brand new luxury all-black car with black tinted windows and one white door.

  • Paying for location? That is more or less the crappiest part of Mt. Pleasant!

  • sorry guys but this one at its new price is not far off base. Maybe it isnt the sexiest reno but it is 100 percent move in ready. It may be a 2 bedroom but its a house. it has a basement folks. Thats a lot of extra space you dont get in a 2 bed condo for instance. But because most would still consider a house this size a condo alternative. I challenge all you haters to find me a 2 bed 2 bath with the same sq footage in as good a location or better. complete with parking and a lot of outdoor space. for under 500k. caaaaan’t do it.

  • The realtor’s name is Rob Low and that’s about it. The is zero yard and small. We walked our dog by the house last month and we’re excited by the prospect, looked the house up on mls and spit my drink all over my livingroom. $529K? $499? this house is worth no more than 415K tops. Look around for a better deal and you will find one. Rob Low!

  • Nuggets- please show me a better deal. It is the second cheapest house in MTP and the cheapest is not renovated and has no parking.

  • Good deal – great location, move in ready, parking, deck…having the fully finished basement is a bonus.

    Some prefer condos but I want a house and this is a good deal!

  • [email protected]:29pm. I ll sell you my 2.5 bed 1.5 bath row house w garage, living room, dining room, office, finished kitchen and unfinished basement for 499,000
    quiet one way street next to raymond park and two blocks from metro. move in ready. come and get it.

  • rg- Where the hell is Raymond park?

  • raymond rec center. 10th and quincy. behind the new Park place apts next to the metro

  • 10th and Quincy? How are prices in Northeast? PG County?

    I think this house is priced appropriately. It’s NOT the best part of Mt Pleasant nor is it a big house, but the price is $500k which is $400-500k less than one would pay for the best block in Mt Pleasant and a remodeled four floor house. It IS however, west of 16th st. That doesn’t matter to some people, but it does matter to others.

    No one can say this house is too expensive for what you get- it’s $400k less than a house at 19th and Park.

  • Also, house = no condo fees. Comparing the price to a condo is not quite apples to apples.

  • Wait a minute, I actually think 10th & Quincy is a pretty comparable location to the 1600 block of Newton, considering the development around the Petworth Metro and on 11th St. Certainly a lot closer than NE or PG County.

    How many restaurants have opened up on Mt Pleasant St in the past 2 years?

  • @rg: it’s not on the market right now, otherwise i probably would have bought it already. seriously. drop me an email with this username at yahoo.

  • the big benefit of this house is that if you want to live in mt pleasant, this is offers you the opportunity to get in for 500k. i’ve only seen one other (non-condo) listing in that range in the past few months, and i’d call it comparable. anything else even close to that price (albeit a lot larger) is a shell that needs major work.

    i saw this house on its first day on the market, and yes, the kitchen has some issues with layout. it’s in good cosmetic condition, however, and the closet space in the big bedrooms upstairs is great. no, it’s not a huge house. yes, it’s a lot more room than a condo, and no fees to boot.

  • “Good cosmetic condition.”? Joan Rivers is in “good cosmetic condition.” Otherwise, she’s an aged mess. Could be the same with this house.

  • @anonemous: meaning it looks nice. finished floors, walls, closets. agents call it “move-in condition.” you won’t need to spend days/weeks drywalling, refinishing, etc. sure, you could hire a contractor to do that stuff, but it helps its appeal in a big way.

    calling anyone’s house joan rivers is just offensive. if i was the owner, i’d sue you for libel. you could at least go see it first. at least you didn’t call it liza minelli.

  • what burns me up is this house–

    one of the mansions on sale for $750k. Never really even went on the market it seemed to me.

  • @pinto, don’t know why that’s a problem. I made an offer on my house the day it was on the market and it was accepted the next day. So it was on the market for a day.

    Back to GDorN, I think it is a good deal. I’d get a new smaller refrigerator and call it good. It’s a solid house, well built and with more than enough room for me, me & my boyfriend, me & boyfriend & child (hypothetically on that last one). And a dog.

    People can disparage the north end of Mt P and it’s true that the Mt P business community is in sad shape. But this area is a block away from 14th St where there is plenty of develoment.

    It’s a good deal for me (especially since this is a house, not a condo) and that’s what counts.

  • pinto – we totally agree. Inside job or what? That place should have been on the market for $1mil!!

    Re the house on Newton st – very, very small. We’ve been in it, and it is really very small with no yard and almost no outdoor space. If it’s enough space for you, then the only real problem is resale.

  • I’m buying a house to live in and what it might sell for years down the road isn’t a priority in my decision making. And if I were planning on selling in a few years, I’d probably keep renting.

    So much can change – a booming housing market, economy in the tank, H1N1 pandemic, rising sea levels, Republicans back in the majority…

    I’m sure you could get a bigger house in a more residential area if that’s important. I’d rather be closer to the metro, Rock Creek Park, stores and restaurants in Columbia Heights. I can’t afford to buy anything but this seems like a reasonable price.

  • people pay too much to be west of 16th st. interesting to note that the owner or listing agent almost tripled the square feet to 2400 sq ft on zillow. Really? could you be more slimy than that?

  • RD, I see that the “public facts” shows 2 floors while the house, with a finished basement, is in fact three floors, or three floors of living space. The listing agent also added another bathroom – because there is apparently another bathroom.

    The “public fact” also shows this is a condo and the listing agent (or owner) changed this to a house. Public fact, it seems, can be wrong.

    Whether this house is in fact 2400, I don’t know. But it would be more than 840 (public fact) since there is now another floor of living space.

  • meche2000 : shot an email.
    fyi. parking and traffic with bancroft in that part of mt pleasant is awful. when rock creek entrance at (whatever that street is called) backs up everyone cuts through their. so starting at 7:15 newton and 17th becomes a parking lot.
    parking at 10th and quincy is a breeze all the time.
    side note. there is acool little street with a circle at the end thats tucked away near that intersection. big houses. one of them is georgian with the columns very cool and spooky. its like this quiet little sanctuary in the middle of the city.

  • Parking is a breeze if you live on Newton St and have your own parking space. And if you take the metro or bus or walk to work – who cares if traffic backs up in your neighborhood (outside of the environmental impact that affects all of us)?.

  • NWRes, you are buying that they somehow tripled the livable square footage by finishing the basement? I know what a 2400 sq ft rowhouse looks like. this is not close, just by eyeballing it and having the least bit of common sense. it was 840 sq ft on two floors, so the three floors have about 1260 sq ft. there is no rear addition that adds sq ft, which is the only other thing that isn’t usually included in property tax records.

  • RG: That quiet little street is Oakwood Terrace. I live there and love it. Great neighbors and great houses. It has the “quiet cul de sac” close-to-the-park appeal of the Mt Pleasant homes by the zoo, but it is closer to the Metro and ammenties.

    I heard the folks in the big Georgian house bought it for 10k back when you could barely give these houses away.

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