Good Deal or Not? Exposed Brick Edition


This home is located at 1421 1st Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“This home features hardwood floors, exposed brick, and tons of light. Renovated in 2003. Walk to METRO. IMPORTANT sale includes Lot 843 which is a large parcel in the back. Email for copy of survey. Combined total sq feet estimated to be 3213. Zoned R4. Property shows well and is sold in AS IS condition.”

More info and photos found here.

I don’t know why I keep finding these 2 bedroom houses but here’s another. I do like the exposed brick. And the backyard is pretty sweet too. It’s interesting that it includes a parcel of land as well. Not sure what one would do with that? Build a garage? What do you think of the home itself? Does $379,000 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1.5 bath (and adjacent lot)?

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  • It seems reasonable. It’s small obviously, but could be ideal for a first-time home buyer. I also wonder what you could do with another empty lot “in the back” – meaning, behind the parking pad, I guess?

  • Wow! Another 2 bedroom that is expensive. I agree maybe for a 1st time homebuyer. Maybe $350K would be better for an “as is” property…..

  • That area is still pretty scary and this house has only 2 brs/1.5 bas. You can easily get one extra bathroom and bedroom (maybe 2 bedrooms) in Petworth for that price.

    On the other hand, if the other lot is develop-able and therefore sell-able, it could be a good deal.

  • I’d be shocked if you couldn’t get more house and a nicer renovation for less money in a more desirable part of the city.

  • its funny to me that people say you could get more house somewhere else. isnt that always the case if you’re not detroit? now if you could get more for the same price in the same neighborhood, then that point may have weight. otherwise, its moot.

    this lot addition is pretty valuable. the block and nearby blocks are a bit rough, but the proximity to downtown is fantastic. and even now, i like that area.
    to me, the value really depends on what you could actually do with that lot.

  • Definitely a good deal. It’ll sell within 4 weeks. To many, this is a highly desirable area because it’s close to downtown and lots of people like this classic style of rowhouse and neighborhood over the bland tan wardmans you find elsewhere. Condo pricing for a full house = good deal.

  • I saw this place, at first glance it is kind of nice- exposed brick, etc. but i think i remember seeing some cracks in the bricks that indicate some foundation issues. the extra lot is nice, but it has no access to the street, which is probably why it still is an empty lot. As a first time buyer, I was interested in this place but this wasn’t the place for me.

  • monkey: Eh, only if you walk to the green line, red line at ny-ave is much closer and not that bad of a walk

  • monkey,
    ny ave metro is 3 blocks. and in the other direction.

  • Seems a bit high considering location/size.

    On a side note, all I see is the wasted kitchen space above all the cabinets and the range hood. Weren’t there out of the box cabinets that were a little taller?

  • As the listing agent I can tell you this property has an interesting story. The large lot in the back actually runs perpendicular with this house and lot and two other smaller lots. The two smaller lots – which are vacant – have been owned for decades by two separate DC residents. Years ago apparently there were two more houses on those small lots but they were neglected and torn down by the city in the 1980s. As to why there is a large lot that runs across the back of all three lots – tenements for less fortunate Washingtonians lined many of the alleys in that area for years and so we surmise there was likely a building on that back lot at some point. It would be fantastic if someone would buy all 4 parcels and create some value in the neighborhood. If you want a copy of the survey – let me know. Brandon Green.

  • holy cow, my wife and i own this house haha. i got the esteemed monkeyrotica to comment on something i own! love all the comments, every single one.

    the back lot was purchased because of some legal crap where we didn’t actually own our own backyard. that’s a long sordid tale meant for elsewhere. so we had to buy the whole enchilada so we could enjoy our own backyard without some developer swooping in and buying it, building probably the 1 millionth starbucks altho nowadays i bow before our starbuck overlords. i had plans to build a new JUNKPUNCHERS location with DC’s VERY FIRST alleyway drive thru but alas, those plans fell thru when someone forgot to pay their DC taxes. ahemdumbasschocough

    if you buy this house and lot from me and my wife, i will throw in a box of JUNKPUNCHERS t-shirts.

  • I’m more familiar with the walk from Eckington and Bloomingdale to the Howard U Metro. No experience with NY Ave ever since they closed down the methadone clinic.

    Put me down for a Junkpunchers tee. Do you have them in “Husky” size?

  • Anyone notice how dumb the replacement door looks? Rather than buy a door that fits the brick opening, they got a cheap Home Depot door, cut the brick opening a little wider on the right and just crammed it in.

  • I agree that this place is over priced but I’ve seen a lot of houses getting renovated in that area recently so I’m not sure I agree about the neighborhood comment. I also live right down the street and safety hasn’t been an issue so far. All of that stuff just depends on the kind of person you are.

    Anyway, I’ve seen a number of houses in that area going between $325K and $375K that are comparable (or on the upper end better) and plenty of others that go sub-$300K (assuming you don’t mind putting $40-$50K into the place). I’m guessing it has to drop down to around $330 or $340K to sell.

    Probably worth checking out the wiring and plumbing in that place too.

  • I saw this place. The prospect of having all that backyard space made me feel like I could be the King of Shaw. The interior brick is crumbling on the first floor, but it’s not the end of the world.

    Bottom line: it’s a small house where you couldn’t live with anyone other than a spouse. Your willingness to pay $379k depends on how much value you place on the car port and the extra-large backyard.

    It’s worth evaluating your comfort level with the neighborhood by walking there and back from the NY Ave Metro station at night after work.

  • Love the back lot. Wish I could have a back lot to have a huge festival or grow rhubarb or do whatever the heck I wanted on!

    Funny that the realtor doesn’t know if it’s in “NE” or “NW”

  • whats makes you think the realtor doesnt know if its in NW or NE?

    also, urban turf posted about this place recently too.

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