Future CVS at Georgia and New Hampshire To Begin Construction in November

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Thanks to CM Graham for sending me the update. I know lots of folks have been asking about this. The email also said that CVS estimates opening for business next summer.

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  • I had heard that the ANC and other folks were going to pressure them to build at least a second story because a single story structure that close to the metro would be a shame. Any word on that?

  • Yay! I’m so excited about this!

  • Yeah, this could only be more exciting if this was slated as a high-rise with ground floor retail.

  • Agreed. The thing that will help our local businesses to prosper is to increase the density of people.

  • @ShermanAveGuy, agreed. Do you or anyone else know how is parkplace doing?

  • And what’s the argument for not building a larger structure? I understand it costs more, but how can it possibly not be a good return on investment if you can get a couple of floors of rental apartments or office space? I wonder if there’s a zoning issue.

  • renal office space would be great as well. However, I guess there is already a glut of office space available downtown and in Tyson’s.

  • According to the LaKritz-Alder website (the real estate investors responsible for this site) they still show a single story CVS. They also tout that the site was an environmentally-contaminated gas station and that they “negotiated environmental case closure with the regulatory authorities” before signing a lease with CVS.

  • CVS – Really? That is disappointing. How about a nice park… a place for the community to call it’s own. NYC knows how to do these things.

  • After visiting another city over the weekend, and remembering other cities I have lived in, DC is so depressing. No neighborhoods with funky, interesting, home grown diversity of retail. DC, maybe because it’s the seat of the federal government, or been so poorly mismanaged over the years, or transient, or expensive, or something, just doesn’t seem to do things right.

  • Now can we get a bank branch?

  • I have no major issues with CVS, but I truly regret that this undeveloped, nearly noncontiguous tparcel of land is being dedicated for this purpose, especially when there are som many existing, underutilized and vacant storfronts in that area that could be fitted for a CVS. This little triangle of land could have been something special as greenspace or some other implement that would foster a greater sense of place and pride in this community.

  • Well let’s see if CVS can bring something better for the area… Although I agree that other construction would be nicer

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