Friday Question of the Day – What are Your Family Get Well Remedies?

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Well, this is a bit of a selfish one as I currently feel like my legs have been whacked repeatedly by 2x4s and my head and chest are just congested. So, I’ve heard drink lots of water, rest, drink oj, don’t drink oj, whiskey, hot whiskey, tea, Mucinex, tylenol, hot lemon water and of course chicken soup. I have been very happy with Nyquil and Ricola so far but what will actually heal me?

What are your family secrets for healing flu/cold like symptoms?  I hope they are as good as the hangover cure recommendations from a previous FQoTD…

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  • Scrambled eggs, ginger ale for your possible upset stomach, and a Disney movie you loved when you were younger.

  • Rock & Rye. If you can’t get it in the liquor store, you just buy some rock candy, sliced lemons, and rye whiskey, and pour the whole mess in a mason jar. Couple tablespoons in your hot tea will sooth the throat, bring up the phlegm, and the liquor makes you not give a $h!t after about three cups of tea.

  • Rest and plenty of water. Also this is not a remedy but more like prevention – use a Neti pot daily to remove all of the crap that gets into your nose in the first place.

  • Frozen grapes. They don’t get you better, but when I need to eat with a sore throat they are perfect. Not for those with sensitive teeth, however.

  • 8oz of 100% pure, not from concentrate unsweetened cranberry juice is the fix all solution to colds, flu’s, and stomach alements.

  • Vernors and a heating pad.

  • Freshly grated horse radish and lemon juice for sinus allergies. That will clean you out.

  • Second the sleep recommendation, definitely.

    Also, if you have a cough that won’t quit, turn on the water as hot as it goes in your bathroom sink, lean your head down so it’s just about at counter level (not IN the water!), and put a towel over your head to capture the steam. The heat and steam will make your throat and sinuses feel much better. If you can, get a humidifier and use the vick’s humidifier stuff that comes with it (I do the sink method cuz I don’t have a humidfier!)

    Definitely like monkey’s rock & rye recommendation… I’ll have to try that next time I’m sick!

  • Bourbon, lemon juice, and maple syrup. It works.

  • My family “Get Well Remedy” consisted of our father coming into our rooms and saying “You don’t look that sick. Get up and go to school!”

  • Thai hot-and-sour chicken soup. Can’t remember what it’s called. Order the large one, and suck it down as fast as you can, no matter how hot. Eat the chicken if you have the appetite. Then, under the covers with you. LOTS of covers – you need to sweat it out. Sleep until you wake up.

    Ask a friend (you’re not going anywhere) to stop at a local florist for a large stem of eucalyptus. Tie that to your shower head. The steam and vapors from the euc will help to clear your head/chest.

    Poor PoP! Feel better…

  • Ginger ale and crackers are my cure all. I used it as a kid to feel better if I had an upset stomach/flu and I used when I was older to allieviate a nasty hangover. A heaping teaspoon of powdered ginger in hot tea will do the trick too!

  • Oh! Forgot the frozen fruit-n-juice bars. Great for sore throat, ‘some’ nutrition. Get that friend to bring you the sugar-free ones.

  • Ginger ale or crystalized ginger for an upset stomach. Garlic and honey tea (smash a few cloves of garlic and let them sit for a bit then add to hot water along with honey), Vics Vaporub, Circus Peanut candy, Advil and naps.

  • epsom salt baths. the heat feels good on your sinuses and the epson just relaxes the muscles and detoxifies. Plus, epsom salt is like $2.00 for a huge container, can’t be the price.

  • If you’re congested drink chicken broth with salt and looooots of pepper. Like, practically dump the entire container in there. It will clear things up temporarily and I actually find it soothes a sore throat.

    I hope you feel better!

  • second the Neti pot. I actually use one all the time. Amazingly helpful.

    Then, sleep and hot drinks.

  • I get really really congested and my swear by drugs are Mucinex (sometimes the Mucinex D that you need to get behind the counter) and this nose spray called Afrin. It’s amazing, I can usually breathe within 10 minutes of using it. You can only use it for 3 days though…but it really really helps

  • Pho. And what Noah said.

  • 1. Chinese hot and sour soup (I like Great Wall’s on 14th St.)
    2. Orangina.
    3. Bad daytime television + couch = happiness
    4. And similar to the suggestion to fill your sink with hot water, my mom used to boil a pot of hot water then have us stick our heads over it with a towel. Great for the sinuses and also for the pores!

    Feel better PoP!

  • Vernors for sure! My mom even heated it up when we were little and sick.

  • Tom Yum Gai (as FloristaThorne suggested) is always great for breaking up your sinuses. And the Appalachian Mountains version of FH’s remedy is great for sore throats–Bourbon or Irish Whiskey mixed with lemon juice and honey.

  • I always drink ginger ale with some orange juice. I guess you could simply buy Orangina, but that’s what I did before I heard of Orangina.

  • Pho, with hot peppers and hot sauce. As hot as you can stand it!

  • They have neti pots at Yes! I haven’t actually tried one but I have heard plenty of people swear by them. They are supposed to be good for colds and allergies.

  • and Tea! ive read a galic clove is great to eat too

  • not so much a home cure but acupuncture does wonders for congestion and gives quick relief too.

  • DCster – yes to the ginger ale oj! i thought only my family did that. it’s the best combo when sick. also hot tea w/ honey. whole foods (and other places, i’m sure) has yogi tea w/ licorice root and all sorts of crazy stuff in it that seriously clears your nose right up. gargling w/ salt water can be good, too. and lots and lots of rest. feel better!

  • Hot water with lemon juice and honey. In Peru we had this great tea made out of ginger, lime juice, and honey, but unless you happen to have fresh grated ginger lying around it sounds like too much work if you’re already sick. It helped our colds, though! Ginger-lemon is my “sick” tea.

    Soup. Chicken noodle, chicken rice, Ramen, crackers, bananas. Spicy food will clear you up

  • Gargle with salt water – warm water with as much salt that will dissolve in it. Vicks rubbed all over nose, throat, chest and soles of feet (old wives tale but who knows….). Chocolate, couch and tv.

  • Everything they said, plus Vicks shower tablets. Throw it on the floor in a super hot shower and it’ll clear you right up.

  • One Ginger root (grated, with skin and all) boiled with a few cloves of crushed garlic plus lemon plus honey. Make a big saucepan of it and drink as much as possible, and often (and get lots of rest). It works. Always. You’ll smell rather garlicky for a few days but if you will fell better, guaranteed!

  • Netis are good for everything–they flush all the particulate matter you breath in all day out of your sinus and prevent colds and infections. They are a whole lot better for you than Afrin.

  • oh, and you can get them everywhere: I have seen them at CVS lately. I got one at Whole Foods.

  • Definitely some good suggestions listed above. Whatever you do, make sure that lots and lots of fluids are involved. Water, hot tea, cold tea, juice, soup, anything and lots of it.

  • When I was about 11, my sister (then 16) decided that colds and flus are all in your head. In the last ten years or so, we’ve each been sick once or twice. (I blame public transportation.) When we are, we bitch and whine until it goes away (and drink lots of water).

  • LOL @ Herb, my dad did the same thing.

    Old family recipe: freshly squeezed lemons, 2 tsps honey, hot water, shot of Southern Comfort. Drink, sleep, repeat. Lots of water, also.

  • juice of one lemon, pressed clove of garlic, 1-2 spoonfuls of honey, 1 cup boiling water. drink a batch every couple of hours or when your throat feels sore. this has kept me alive when i’ve been too sick/it was too cold/i couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. great stuff. (most people add whiskey, but this just brings on pneumonia for me).

  • Are you sure you have a cold? I only ask because I suffer from seasonal allergies, mostly in the fall and I woke up this morning with symptoms that are definitely an allergy attack, not a cold.

    Anyways, I have a prescription for a nasal spray called Nasonex, which helps with congestion, cold or otherwise. Saline solution nasal sprays also work and are not addictive like Afrin. Beyond that, tea with honey. Hot steamy showers. Vicks Vaporub ointment, shower steamers, and plug ins (best for a plug in very near the head of your bed). A warm steam humidifier. Plenty of rest.

  • 7up, porn, bagels, Simply Orange, broth

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