Florida Avenue Grill Anniversary Party Sat. – Free Food!

World Famous.

“Dear PoP,

I jogged by Florida Avenue Grill today and noticed a sign on the window advertising a party tomorrow. It seems it’s the restaurant’s
65th anniversary so they are having a block party celebration tomorrow from 10-4. Do you know anything about this?”

Yup, just spoke to the folks from Florida Avenue Grill and indeed they’re having a block party on 11th Street, NW south of Florida Ave starting at 10am. There will be free food and good times. The party goes until 4pm. Thanks for the heads up!

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  • speaking of partys. The Grand Reopening Party of the Columbia Road Safeway is tonight between 5 and 9. Free food there as well. I think we should all come out in force and think of a new name for the once Salmonella Safeway.

  • I’ve been looking for a good reason to finally try this place…and what better reason than block parties and free food?! sweeet!

  • Besides the fact that this place has been there fah-eva, there’s no reason to go. The food isn’t all that great. We went when we first moved to the ‘hood thinking this would be a great local place to get breakfast on the weekend. Went once and have never been back. That was over 4 years ago… and I live right down the street.

  • Wear your flack jackets tomorrow!

  • Florida Avenue Grill never should have picked a name like that. A name like that you gotta live up to.

  • It’s nice to know this greasy spoon and D.C. institution has a such a great heart and soul.

    Thanks, PoP.

    Let’s all celebrate Florida Ave Grill 65 years !

  • Anymouse, perhaps they will use the occasion to give the griddle its once-a-decade cleaning. And then the food would be just average, instead of average-leaning-bad.

  • I love the authenticity of this place – a real throwback to America circa 1950. But I gotta tell you, as a vegetarian I just can’t deal. My veg. wife and I went one day for lunch and a very friendly 300 pound lady sat next to us a the counter. She was very talkative and we had a good conversation, until a blue-light special plate covered in a huge pile of steaming organs appeared. She dug into them organs and we could hear the membranes ripping and snapping… She had a great time, but our weak vegetarian souls were shattered!

    Well, to each there own, but I for one just can’t go back there!

  • Jay’O: As vegetarians ourselves, my partner and I have really loved Florida Ave. Grill. They offer veggie versions of sausage, for example, showing us we are definitely welcome. I can’t vouch for lunch or dinner, as we’ve only made it a place for breakfasts, but we love the fact that they offer a veggie option along with your amazing breakfast. I was raised on a cooked breakfast every single morning, and I can whip up some pretty mean morning fare, but Flo. Ave. Grill is orgasmically good stuff. Vegetarians welcome!

  • Florida Avenue Grill is an institution, lock, stock and, barrel, just as famous as Ben’s nearby or the Willard Hotel downtown.

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