Early Reader Review and Pics of Tynan Coffee & Tea


“Dear PoP,

Pretty packed for Friday afternoon, lots of laptoppers, pokers and prodders, one of the guys from Starbucks, and even saw the owners of Pete’s Apizza stop in to welcome the Tynan owners.

Clean (well, on opening day one would hope), well stocked, and the staff were friendly. Had an Irish Coffee to set the early start to the weekend off right!”



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  • Good lord, it looks like an Apple store in there. Am I the only one who thinks that laptops have killed the coffeehouse experience?

  • Looks like Yuppie hell. But, for a coffee shop with wifi and booze, seems to be a decent spot.

  • VOR – you are always so tiresome. Is “yuppie hell” better or worse than “laborer hell” or hell in general? What would make this “yuppie heaven?” or any heaven? And should we have heaven on earth anyway? Maybe just good couches?

  • Not my intention to tire anyone out, but that’s more on them than me. I think though you took my comment too literally. I didn’t mean actually hell, like the opposite of heaven. I don’t believe in either. I meant that given the photos, I would not want to go inside the coffee shop, too many yuppies.

  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

  • DCDude, I agree. Without computers, we could be having this conversation out loud, actually in the coffee shop.

  • Planning on going over to get an Irish coffee Saturday afternoon. Might even bring one of those old fashioned books with me. I agree that there are too many laptops in coffee shops but, eh, what the hell is anyone gonna do about it?

  • Yuppies, buppies, thugs, MS-13 members, Bader-Meinhoff Gang, Dan Synder & the Lerners…I dont care who’s in there. I just wish there was some stuff like that on Georgia Ave from harvard up to Irving for we “eastern” Columbia Hgts-Pleasant Plains folk. WHEN the fudge will this stuff move east? Who owns all these abandoned beauty shops that they can’t sell out for some decent retail???

  • The best part about coffee shops is that you can be surrounded by humanity yet totally wrapped up in your own tiny little laptop world where you’re Googling all kinds of fascinating $h!t about humanity. So long as NOBODY touches you.

  • This place serves Irish Coffee? My grandfather APPROVES and says Starbucks and their virgin coffee can suck it.

  • yeah so maybe it was loaded w/ young urban professionals but these were the cool kind, not the 3-series kind

  • Totally agree with dcdude. However, I view the laptop thing as much more a DC phenomenon than anywhere else. I mean, people have them everywhere, of course, but I find I can go to coffee places in NY or other cities and sometimes even strike up a conversation with other patrons. It’s nice.

    The most ridiculous DC thing is when people take their laptops to frigging BARS at night. I’ve seen that at both Science Club and JR’s, on busy nights, and I simply can’t understand the thought process there.

  • I hate it when you’re banging the $h!t out of someone and right as you’re about to come, they whip out their phone to update their Facebook status to, “Making soup.”

  • Went this morning. Fills a HUGE hole in the neighborhood scene. Had fantastic fresh blueberry waffles. I don’t drink coffee so can’t vouch for that, but a very pleasant, spacious atmosphere, plenty of seating, open early even on weekends, super-friendly staff, and a great selection of tasty breakfast foods = a place I will be at at least once a week. Great selection of bagel toppings which I plan to try next visit. Very happy they’ve opened.

  • Way too expensive. I couldn’t possibly go there once a week. My chai was SEVEN dollars (had a shot of espresso in it, but still).

  • Do they have eggs? I don’t see any reference to any standard egg dishes on their online menu, but that seems kinda weird for a place that’s trying to be a breakfast place (which I think the people running it said is one of their main goals).

  • Where is this place located?!!??!

  • @anonymous 3:09, it’s at 14th and Irving NW, in the Highland Park building.

    I went today (Sunday) around 3:30 PM. All the seats were taken and nobody left while I stood there waiting. Laptop jockeys accounted for about 50% of the crowd. Maybe they need to have a time limit on the free WiFi during peak hours. One woman was sitting at a table with a laptop without any coffee or food in evidence at all. Another person was going through a 2″ thick pile of Lexis printouts, as if they were sitting in their law office. Sheesh. I ended up taking my coffee and dessert home. It was good though!

  • “Fills a HUGE hole in the neighborhood scene.”

    What huge hole is that? A coffee place? Really? A huge hole? I don’t follow.

  • This place is pretty cool. About time we had more than Starbucks in this neighborhood.

  • Anonymous, there was no place to get a decent breakfast early in the morning in the neighborhood, which I consider a ridiculously huge hole (CH Coffee has very few barely adequate options, barely any seating, and you have to wait 20 minutes at times, unfortunately, and hardly any other places are even OPEN for breakfast) and this place seems to have a better than decent breakfast (and yes, they did have several egg sandwich and croissant type options, in addition to the fresh blueberry waffles and a great selection of bagels and spreads). Most busy urban neighborhoods, it is pretty easy to find a decent breakfast option. Now CH can say the same thing.

  • Sorry to say, sadly disapointed. Feels very airporty. Awful, harsh lighting, and oddly uncomfortable banquets. Coffee was fine but so what, I can make good coffee at home. Hope they find a way to warm it up and make it comfortable as Tryst.

  • wow how wonderful, no seats! and how much more wonderful once we get seats, no table. and no table service. and everything you order comes out randomly. coffee done and called out 1 minute after order, quiche not warmed over for 10 minutes. wife won’t go back now. too bad.

  • I went there several times over the weekend and very much like the place. The coffee is excellent — and I enjoyed two types of tea too. We liked the food — I had a bagel and a wrap and my son had 2 danishes at one sitting. It was hard to find a seat each time but we ended up at the counter which was fine. I agree that the lighting could be toned down a little but it was a dark dreary weekend so maybe that’s why it seemed bright in there.

    It was so nice to see people coming and going. Overall, a huge addition to the neighborhood!

  • i think it would be cool if they only allowed laptops at that bar in the second picture, and left the tables to people actually wanting to socialize with their friends.

  • I don’t see the difference between people in a coffee place reading a newspaper and people reading a laptop. And I don’t think many people in the era before laptops were looking forward to extensive conversations with strangers in a coffeehouse (I didn’t). You want to chill and scan through the paper, a magazine, whatever, and now that stuff is electronic.

  • The more things change, the more they stay the same! If you zoom in on that picture over at Shorpy, you can see a hand-printed sign near the door that says “No Hipsters Allowed.” Yes, there were people with sleeve tattoos and unruly beards back in 1930, too.

  • Monkeyerotica @9:29 Ha ha ha ha haaa

  • I think the mural, once in, will warm it up — and the rock wall with fireplace certainly adds a lot of coziness.

    I also don’t believe in judging things like table availability and service on the first weekend of a new dining establishment — there is always a huge initial rush, and it takes a little time to find a groove. Food quality is one thing, usually if it starts bad, it will simply be bad, but for things like seating, service, etc., I always find it odd that people “won’t go back” based on an experience opening weekend. Redrocks had TONS of issues for example at first, all of which they ironed out. Kind of par for the course for any new restaurant business, no matter how much you prep, there are going to be kinks the first few weeks and especially opening days.

  • Nice staff, nice furniture. Way expensive and a little too packed for my liking. However, I’m hoping this makes it a little easier to get a seat at CH Coffee, in which case, thank ya very much tynan!

  • I popped in on Sunday morning and got to talk to the owner (Tynan?) and he seemed to be really nice. I think they should probably start charging for the WiFi to curb the number of people who only come in and order an ice water while spending four hours checking their Facebook page. Get a life, people!


    i got a pretty meager ceasar salad for 7. there were 4 small pieces of dry chicken plus about 10 soft, flavorless croutons. not to mention there was little parmesean and not that flavorful dressing.

    after lunch i ordered a coffee – a latte to be exact. what differentiates a latte from a cappucino is the amount of steaming and foam that is in the drink. a latte should have no more than 1/2 inch – or less – of foam. mine had at least 2 inches, so hardly any milk. if i wanted a cap, i would have ordered one.

    i also got a biscotti thinking that would be a nice sweet snack with my coffee. the biscotti, which was good, was 2. i didn’t realize the cost until after i had purchased.

    so i just spent roughly $17 on a lunch and coffee that has left me still hungry and completely unsatisfied – and quite frankly – a bit pissed off. i’ll be much better off going up to domku to spend any amount of time in a coffee shop.

    just as a reminder, this coffee shop just opened 2 days ago. so you’d think that supplies would be available. not the case. the soap in the bathroom was mixed with water for what i can only assume was to make it last longer. the only thing it did was drip through my hands and onto the floor (a mess!!) and make me push the button a copule more times to get enough soap on my hands to wash.

    going for the paper towels to dry – they were napkins that were installed into the paper towel roll. with target across the street, i don’t really see a good excuse for this. buy some real paper towels – cheaper and more effective.

    further, the “automatic” toilet isn’t all that. there were what i’m guessing were at least 2 persons “remains” in the toilet when i went to go. for some reason it decided to flush for me, thankfully, but still… if they are so concerned about hygiene and people not having to touch the toilet flusher, get some real soap and papertowels so people can actually be hygienic.

    being a neighbor – literally living a few doors down – i was happy a new non-starbucks was entering the neighborhood. no longer…

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