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  • Wow, not many of those old school Metrobus signs left. It has the original square pole and hollow sign.

  • Don’t worry now, I won’t forget 🙂

  • I vaguely remember this. About 2 weeks before this, the red line expanded up to Sliver Spring for the first time (it’s terminus before then was at Rhode Island Ave) and many of the routes serving that area of DC were readjusted to also serve (or start/stop at) Metro Stations. This bus route adjustment was fairly common throughout the region each time that Metrorail was extended. They’d give the new subway service a couple of weeks to iron out the kinks and then they’d change the bus routes.

  • I am only 34 and I remember the 62,64 being the K4 and P2. K4 used to go down New Hamphire Avenue and end where the Regan building is now. And the P2 used to go down Illinois Avenue.

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