Did You Know There Was a “Multi-Door Resolution Division” To Deal With Neighbor Disputes?

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I thought this was pretty interesting. From an MPD email:

“We get inundated with calls for service in regards to neighbor disputes. DC Superior Court’s developed the Multi-Door Resolution Division to assist in cases that are outside the realm of MPD. This is NOT meant to replace our responsibilities to investigate alleged criminal allegation. It’s just another tool that we can utilize. Below is a brief description off their website along with a link to their website.

Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division

Hours of Operation

Mondays-Fridays: 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m.
No appointment necessary


Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division
D.C. Superior Court
515 5th Street, N.W.
Suite 105
Washington, D.C. 20001

Main Contact

Phone: (202) 879-1549
Jeannie Adams, Director

The Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division (Multi-Door) helps parties settle disputes through mediation and other types of appropriate dispute resolution (ADR), including arbitration, case evaluation and conciliation. The name “Multi-Door” comes from the multi-door courthouse concept, which envisions one courthouse with multiple dispute resolution doors or programs. Cases are referred through the appropriate door for resolution. The goals of a multi-door approach are to provide citizens with easy access to justice, reduce delay, and provide links to related services, making more options available through which disputes can be resolved. The Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division of the D.C. Superior Court assists parties to reach agreements that meet their interests, preserve relationships, and save time and money. Our mediators and dispute resolution specialists are trained at Multi-Door to serve in a wide range of cases, from civil to small claims, to family.”

What are the scenarios in which you think this service would be helpful?

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  • Now we can finally get to the bottom of these pervasive fence disputes.

  • To answer the headline, yes I knew it. Perhaps announcing it will lead to the resolution of a few fence disputes.

  • Ah, but my fence dispute is taken care of! Homeowner received my landlord’s letter, called him to let landlord know that he’s in the process of a major remodel of the property (we get a front row seat) and the fence will be replaced in a month. Works for me! No dispute resolution needed here.

  • I have come to the conclusion that a certain sort of bureaucrat firmly believes that intelligence is linked to the number of different ways he can say the same thing. A dispute resolution system to settle disputes? And “alleged criminal allegations”?

    This kind of writing hurts me.

  • “Dear Citizens, Screw off. We have coffee to drink and newspapers to read in our cars. Since we rarely show up for serious crimes, did you really think we’d give a crap about your neighbor destroying your property or letting vicious dogs run loose in the alley? Ha ha ha. Sincerely, MPD”

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