Dear PoP – What’s going on with Thai X-ing?


“Dear PoP,

One of our favorite food spots in town is Thai X-ing at Florida Ave and 5th NW – best Thai food in the city. But over the last month, nobody seems able to get hold of Taw (owner/chef) – nobody answers the kitchen phone or calls back when a message is left, and Taw’s cell is out of service. We’ve not had a chance to go by the restaurant itself, but we’re wondering if anybody knows what’s going on – we would hate to lose this wonderful little gem of a restaurant!

Anybody know what’s up?”

Uh-oh. We judged this restaurant almost exactly a year ago and there were tons of fans. Any regulars know what’s going on?

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  • at one point there was a rumor that they were moving to bigger digs on 9th.
    thats all i got. hasnt been open when i’ve walked past this month.

  • I went there about two weeks ago and was turned away because the night was completely booked, and I hadn’t known a reservation was needed. So unless something has changed since then, all is well.

  • Part of me hopes that he is just so busy cooking and making plans for the opening of his new restaurant that he can’t return phone calls. I haven’t had a chance to stop by the restaurant in a long time but may try to do so tonight.

  • We were there last week – I think his phone was lost or stolen, so you may need to swing by to make a reservation.

  • saw people outside of it last thursday. looked busy.

  • I was there last week so this is straight from Taw:

    Taw was mugged and his mobile phone was stolen. The place is still up and running he’s just hard to get in touch with. Keep calling or use a local number so he doesn’t have to call long distance.

  • Why did the Thai cross the road?

  • They are still there. Tried doing takeout from there on Monday for the first time. Called at 7:00. Told to arrive at 8:45. Hadn’t touched my order. I was told to come back 30 minutes later. Apparently, that is par for the course there because a diner told me she would beat me up if I had the audicity to complain. She seemed quite protective of the institution. I guess it must be good. I wouldn’t know.

  • I love his food, and it’s super convenient since I live around the corner, but he’s gotten too busy. I called him at 4:30 on a Saturday and he wasn’t taking any more orders for the night. I wish he did as good a job running a restaurant as he does cooking.

  • It is a unique setup in an area lacking food options.

    But calling this good Thai is quite a stretch.

    I wish the guy good luck though. The talk of the restaurant on 9th has been going on for at least 2 years.

  • dcpublius,
    what do you consider good thai in dc?

  • Unfortunately, the best Thai in DC, isnt actually in DC. The Best I’ve had is Bangkok 54 in Arlington.

  • Crystal Thai in Arlington is pretty serious too. Not modern decor, always filled w/ SE asians, which says a bit since its the lone ethnic establishment in an Outback Stekahouse strip mall.

    Best Panang Beef I’ve ever had..

  • Yeap, Bangkok 54 and Thai Square (a few blocks from each other) are the best inside the beltway.. As always, there is no good asian food in DC besides sushi taro.

  • I think this place needs a call to a health inspector pronto.

  • well, anyway good for arlington, but whats the best in dc? if you had to suffer through it and all.
    nothing at all?

  • My favorite Thai restaurants: The Regent (18th Near T), Rice (14th near Q), Thaiphoon (Conn & S), Thai Chef (Conn & R).

    I think the Regent is one of the best around.

  • I don’t really know what’s good in D.C. I learned to cook by cooking thai, so I just make it at home. Unless someone raves or a friend picks the restaurant, I don’t make it out to them much.

    In case anyone is wondering, you can make Pad Thai at home for $1.25 or so per serving. Kinda makes $7.95 at the restaurant sting, huh?

    Super easy to learn… I studied at YouTube Culinary Academy..

  • Have to agree that there is no great Thai in DC, unless my mom is in town and cooking in my kitchen! Bangkok 54, Crystal Thai, Thai Square, and Po Siam (my personal favorite) are all worth the trek to Arlington.

  • agree with bangkok 54. i like regent the best in dc.

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