Dear PoP – Trick or Treating on Embassy Row this Year?

European Union Open House May 2008, originally uploaded by Marcellina..


“Dear PoP,

Do you know if there will be trick-or-treating on embassy row this year? (I am worried since Halloween is on a Saturday and am unsure if they will open just to hand out candy). Have you gone before? Do you recommend any specific locations? Thanks!”

Sadly there was no info on their Web site. Does anyone know if it is happening this year?

Ed. Note: I’ll have a proper post on Halloween festivities tomorrow.

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  • If you hit the Kalorama neighborhood – Kalorama Road off CT Ave – you get the residences rather than the embassies. You’ll have better luck there. French Ambassadors residence, Portuguese, etc.

  • LOL at striving climbers using Halloween to rummage through neighborhoods they will never be able to afford.

  • ray! save it please!

  • Up until the 1950s, the embassies used to hold open house on New Years. Anyone could just walk in and meet the embassadors and the staff, sample some of the nation’s cuisine, and tour the building. Don’t know if they still do it but it’s a nice vanished custom. My dad used to have a paper route up Mass Avenue back in the 1930s. He and his friends used to raid the dumpsters for old envelopes and correspondence to add to his stamp collection. Try that nowdays and they’d shoot you on sight.

  • trick or treating in your own neighborhood is so passe

  • was the embassy trick or treating today? or is it tomorrow?

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