Dear PoP – Post Reports on Brookland Development Plans

10th and Irving NE

Ed. Note: This is one of my favorite homes in Brookland… But this is exciting news!

Thanks to a reader for send this Post article – Abdo Sets Sights on Revival in Brookland:

“Abdo’s plan includes a public square and clock tower that would be similar to piazzas in Europe with cobblestones, cafes and restaurants; an arts walk that would provide artists’ work space; an arts building that would offer room for recitals and artists’ demonstrations; and a college main street that would be filled with eclectic mom-and-pop shops.”

Sounds awesome, yeah? Read the full story here.

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  • Leave Bookland alone, it is awesome as is. Go to Col Heights for that false feel.

  • bethesda here we come!

  • I did read the article you posted, however there was an article several months ago in CUA’s alums magazine. They’re working with Abdo to redo most of Michigan Ave … at least where the University resides.

  • I’ve been following the Brookland development process, and think this is a pretty good plan. It could be even denser, especially around the Metro station, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. It will help unify the two halves of Brookland, residential neighborhood and university, and it definitely makes sense to have housing and commercial development on the vacant stretches of land around the Metro station. It’s amazing how far you have to walk from the Metro, in either direction, to get anywhere, isn’t it? I’m pleased that the neighborhood, by and large, supports the plan, and it will likely go forward. Also, Abdo is an excellent developer of quality properties, so it will probably end up looking pretty good.

  • Joe – Brookland IS cool as is. 12th street should remain unchanged most of the development looks to be on the other side of the rail tracks on what is largely undeveloped or under developed lots. I agree w/ Mr. T It will turn out well w/ ABDO and the University largely controlling the whole project. No large chain stores in plan to my knowledge.

    People you are on notice 3-5 years from now I don’t want to hear bellyaching about how unaffordable Brookland is yadda, yadda yadda. Brookland is decent now, a few good shops, restaurants, YES Grocery all on 12th, Metro accessible and convenient drive Downtown

  • This is great news! Brookland is great as-is, but it can be so much more. And frankly, as a homeowner in Brookland, I would LOVE to hear people whining about how unaffordable the neighborhood is in a few years!

  • nikkki,
    its really only gonna matter when you sell.
    if prices are unaffordable you’re only gonna get the rich moving next to you. sounds swell if your current neighbors are crackheads, but ultimately its not cool. its not cool when that great older couple next to you have to move because their taxes are just too high. or the cool renters can’t stay. or when the bigger condos come in and you start to see that the newer neighbors ignore you on the streets.

    change is certainly inevitable, but the results have two sides.

  • DC caps the property tax increases. your neighbors that have been there for 30 years aren’t going to get hit with a huge property tax increase even if there home value goes up $100k in one year.

  • brookland is the home to the strongest tribe of NIMBYs in NE DC. get ready for more of it.

  • one mans nimby is another mans neighborhood savior. anyone that really uses the term “nimby” is just trying to make you feel bad for not seeing/wanting things as they do. just writing of dissenting opinions as worthless. but because of those “nimby’s” brookland isn’t divided by a highway. and why brentwood doesn’t have a wal-mart.
    its a good thing the tribe is strong.

  • … that would be similar to piazzas in Europe with cobblestones.

    Oh for Christ’s sake – that’s all Brookland needs, to have Jim Abdo’s ahistorical, sentimental, bottom line-driven notion of what a “European piazza” looks like dropped on top of it!

    Hopefully Brooklanders are already organizing to beat this back.

  • Brookland can absorb this level of development no problem. I do not want a mini ColHts (where you can now barely drive down 14th street) but a few more shops / services would be nice. I plan to follow this closely.

  • … and frankly, as a homeowner in Brookland, I would LOVE to hear people whining about how unaffordable the neighborhood is in a few years!

    Oh for Christ’s sake again!

    The tidal wave of (mainly) newcomers who see their homes above all else as a financial investment – one that they’re willing to sacrifice the aesthetics, historicity, and even livability of the neighborhoods to maximize – are becoming a plague.

    Please Brookland, don’t accept a sterile, sunbaked brick plaza with a cheap fountain and LED “trees” or a Disneyland Paris “piazza”. You deserve better. Don’t let the tasteless, money hungry boors wear you down!

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