Dear PoP – Flooring Recommendations

“Dear PoP,

Do you know any good companies that have experience installing flooring (tile, composite , laminate) in basements?”

Sadly, I’ve got 25 year old carpet in my basement. Anyone have some recommendations?

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  • Not a basement-particular recommendation, but we just finished working with Universal Floors on a bamboo installation, and they were excellent.

  • Not sure about companies, but I am getting ready to install cork in my basement. Environmentally sustainable, naturally mold resistent and snaps together easily.

  • We also just used a wonderful company AG Floors Juan was the rep and Jose did the work — each was terrific, thorough, fast and gave us a good budget estimate and stuck to it.

  • I can second a couple of the earlier comments:

    I had Universal Floors sand and finish my hardwood floors a few years ago and am very happy with the job they did for a reasonable price. I have no experience with an installation, but they seem like a decent company.

    My brother put the snap-together cork tiles in his kitchen and loves it. For a basement you might just consider a floating cork or laminate that you can snap in yourself. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • I just had flooring put in my basement – an engineered hardwood floating floor. Although I paid someone to do it, it would be easy enough to do on your own. Click and lock – simple. Glue down isn’t recommended especially if you’re using cork (according to my experts)

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  • In a basement, particularly if it’s prone to flooding (i.e., attached rowhome), I recommend you look at something other than hardwood, laminate, or the like. These get too wet, and they’re toast. A little more expensive, but providing you a ton of different looks, is finished concrete. There are a couple companies around that specialize in it.

  • I agree with Steve Says. I’ve had cork floor in the basement for about 5 years and love it. I’ve tried carpet and laminate, but after a couple of years – I had to remove them.

  • I agree about wood in the basement. I would not trust that in DC.

  • Solo Flooring. Amazing, trustworthy, do great, great work. Read the reviews on the site.

    They did hardwoods for us, and they are just gorgeous.

  • I did engineered bamboo in my basement and it was easy to install if you have the right saw. The basement itself is dry with no water leakage issues (there are ways to test for that), but I did have a plumbing issue last spring. Some water did get under the flooring.

    If I had to do it again, I would probably do tile. Also I would probably not buy this particular bamboo, which I got form lumber liquidators.

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