Dear PoP – Chopper in North East Last Night?

“Dear PoP,

I live out in northeast around 6th and L, NE and last night from about 3:15 until about 3:30 there was a chopper circling so low to the ground it woke me out of a deep anti histamine induced sleep and shook my whole house. I’m wondering if you or any of your readers had heard any news stories or anything about what may hav been happening.”

Any folks from the 6th and L, NE area know what’s up?

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    @Kalorini – That will def. happen when I release the site upgrades in Nov. just one more month!

  • Same thing woke me up at 10th and C NE. But I was in an Excedrin PM induced sleep.

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  • I also heard the helicopter on 10th and Constitution, but thankfully was up anyway. I checked the 1D listserv, but there’s no mention of it.

  • Thanks anon 11:31 am – that coding is what I was talking about!

    I’m glad to hear it’ll be in the new site relaunch. PoP. Looking forward to it!

  • I heard two sets of gunshots. One around 930 and then another group of shootings around 6am. But I live on 14th and Randolph. I wonder if it was the same thing as what the post is reporting on. I did hear the helicopter but it didn’t stay in my area for very long.

  • If you click on a link with the middle scroll wheel, the link will open in a new tab.

    Wow! You’re 1337! How many scroll wheels does your mouse have?

  • @Mal:

    genius! now I can cram even more procrastination into my workday!

  • @Renee, we live near 7th and Taylor – our neighbor heard gunshots last night, and my boyfriend and neighbor both heard the ones around 6am this morning. On Sunday night at 9pm, I also heard about 8 gunshots – two bursts of 4 shots. This is ridiculous!

  • @oboe… 1337? huh? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to take that as a slight or not… And my mouse only has one scroll wheel – I meant the middle button (which is a scroll wheel)

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  • Renee and PetworthRes, there is talk on the MPD 4d listserv of shots fired around 6am this morning near Sherman Circle (7th and Crittendon area). Officers responded but nothing was found.

    Mal: I believe 1337 is old school hacker talk meaning ‘leet’ as in ‘elite’. I believe a correct response is ‘ultra ultra’ or 455h013 (a$$hole). Yes he’s poking at you.

  • I believe the term that describes this is the “ghetto bird”

  • Heh… Thanks Pennywise – I don’t have the hacker talk down!

  • According to the 1D listserv:

    There was a burglary at 707 H Street NE. The officers wanted to check the roof. While they were inside the heard noises they thought may have been someone hiding in a crawl space on the roof. Nothing was found

    Gary Durand
    First District

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