Dear PoP – Cheapest Wings in DC Sadly Not Honored

35 cent wings

“Dear PoP,

I was at Adams Mill last night and, once again, they failed at first grade math when posting their wing specials on their sidewalk sign. Apparently, you can buy 3 wings for a little more than a penny. Unfortunately, the bartender didn’t want to honor their posted wing special. Then again, I was at Adams Mill.”

Hahaha. Good catch. But 35 cents is still a pretty good deal for wings, yeah? Were the wings any good? If you’re looking for good wings, lots of folks liked the new spot – WingHouse located at 715 Euclid Street, NW. But where’s the best wings served by a bar?

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  • Hooters, although lacking ambiance, does have super good naked cajun wings.

  • best wings are at duffy’s! he’s even one of your advertisers!

    right at Vermont Avenue and V Street, NW – across from the 9:30 Club

  • I like Tonics wings in MTP. but thats about the only thing id get on the menu. that and some tots. I have never eaten at Adams Mill. the place always smells bad and I dont eat in smelly bars

  • 18th amendment on capitol hill

  • better question: where are the best wings served in conjunction with chinese food.

  • Tuesdays at Big Hunt – 15 cent wings and they have been pretty spicy lately.

  • Wednesday nights at Stetson’s. 25 cent wings. Just don’t go right at the beginning of the night, let my man at the fryer get into his groove first.

  • I have trouble discerning between good wings and better wings. I can most certainly tell when I have bad wings – which has only been a few occasions. Most of the time wings are good. I just cant say I’ve ever had wings that are head and shoulders above other good wings (outside of homemade wings of course). Is there some place in DC that has wings that can change my perception to this?

  • Nanny’s in Cleveland Park.

  • I second Big Hunt’s 15 cent wings. They are large, spicy, and your food tab will be in the 2-3 dollar range. I have heard good things about Duffy’s variety though.

  • Has anyone up in North Country tried the new Wings Place by the Takoma Metro yet?

  • There is a great website that reviews wings in the DC area. I’ve tagged along for tastings and reviews and Wingmaster takes the task quite seriously. His reviews are informative and thorough. And a little cheeky.

    Rumor has it, he’s considering a web re-design that will allow readers to contribute to rating the wings, so stay tuned…

  • I think wings are nasty

  • Comet. Best wings in DC.

    Hooters are a close runner up…

  • Oh yeah, and I’d vote for Duffy’s and Looking Glass Lounge for the best wings. Duffy’s are amazing, but Looking Glass Lounge is a more classic Buffalo flavor.

  • Bourbon has some pretty awesome wings. And I used to really love the wings at Timberlake’s, but I think they’ve closed.

  • I second Jimmy D’s feelings, but must posit that Big Hunt’s wings, though cheap, are rancid.

  • I love the wings at Post Pub. The whole wing gets me every time.

    51st State’s are decent too, especially if you don’t mind fighting all the GW kiddies for .10 wings on Tuesdays.

    Lately though I’ve been loving the Argonaut’s sweet and spicy wings.

  • there’s a priceless posting of a 25 minute argument between a Verizon customer and Verizon customer service over the difference between .0002 dollars and .0002 cents. apparently, the guy called verizon before he went out of the country to find out what the rate was for using the internet browser on his blackberry, and was told “.002 cents.” when he got the bill, it was 100 times that amount. When he tried to get clarification, he kept being told by various managers at Verizon that there was no difference between the two.

  • I like Nellie’s wings. Good amount of spice but not burn-your-mouth spicy, and a nice little bit of crisp. Actually, with the exception of the terrible chicken fingers, I think the food at Nellie’s is pretty good all around. It’s bar food, but it’s tasty.

  • saf

    I love the wings at Safari.

  • Nanny O’Brien’s has the best wings in the city. Wednesday night they’re 25 cents and they have a ton of different flavors- Honey Bourbon, Nuclear, Old Bay and of course original. You will not be sorry if you check it out!

  • i’m partial to the vegan wings at asylum.
    yeah.. i know. i know…..

  • Cant beat the money of 10cents at 51st state. Unfortunately you can beat their quality.

  • the best wings are served extra crispy…

    Unlike many other things in life, with wings, size does not matter. in my experience, large wings are usually nasty, soft, grisly and just downright gross.

    CRISPY…where are the crispy wings with a hot fucking sauce?

  • Duffy’s. Crispy, meaty, and spicy. Perfection.

  • Personally I think Duffy’s wings are the absolute best you can find anywhere on the Planet! Of course I may be a little Biased 🙂

  • Marshall’s in Foggy Bottom is unheralded, but has large, delicious wings with traditional Franks-based buffalo sauce. Check ’em out.

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