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“Dear PoP,

Being a Seahawks fan and very far from home, I was absolutely delighted last weekend when I was up in NYC and found a bar crammed with Seahawks fans in which to watch the (sad) game. I haven’t found such a bar in DC, and was wondering if the PoP community could come up with bars in DC that play host to all the different NFL teams. I think Lucky Bar is for Browns fans, and Steelers fans go to the Pour House, but could we possibly get all the Bar/Team combos?”

Anyone have recommendations? My favorite is Momo’s Cafe Nema at 1334 U St. NW. But what specific bars support specific teams?

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  • I saw a lot of Cowboys fans at Stetsons on U St. once. Don’t know if that’s a regular thing though.

  • The Pour House on Pennsylvania Avenue, just down the street from the Capitol Lounge, hosts Steelers games. It gets really packed, especially if it’s a playoff game. There seem to be huge numbers of Pittsburgh ex-pats here, for some reason.

  • A large number of Seahawk fans can almost always be found at Nellie’s Sports Bar on U St whenever the team plays. Good luck.

  • American throwball

  • So basically the commenters are only capable of picking their rival teams and telling those fans to go to gay bars? Classy.

  • I think this is exactly what you’re looking for:

    I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it seems to be a pretty big list of where most NFL and college football fans meet up for game watches.

  • lordscarlet

    Worst case, I think Buffalo Billiards shows all of the games. It’s not the most neighborhood bar out there, but they have a lot of TVs and a lot of space.

  • I’m pretty sure Union Pub tries to cater to Chicago Bears fans. Don’t know how effective they are at drawing a Chicago crowd, though.

  • Sully’s shows every game and almost always has seating. No food, limited beer selection, but they’ve got the games. And you can bring food in. Momo’s is a good option as POP noted. For Giants fans, the 21st State (I think that is the name, something like that) in Foggy Bottom is a Giants bar.

  • the Giants bar near GW is 51st State.

  • Any other Titans fans out there? I’ve been watching the Sunday games at Solly’s lately but it looks like I’ll have to come check out the Penn Quarter Sports Tavern.

  • I like how that Washingtonian list says for Ravens fans go to Frederick. If I’m going to go that far, I’ll just go to the game (or Cross Street Market if we’re out of town).

    Anyway, Cap Lounge is now a Patriots Bar, although Irish Times is still the big game in town for blowing sunshine up Tom Brady’s skirt.

    Molly Malone’s on the Hill is a terrible place to watch a game (I documented my bad experience here: but they have a lot of tvs, Sunday Ticket and the last time I was there, there seemed to be a decent number of Eagles fans there.

    There’s usually a handful of Dolphins fans at Trusty’s, but they’re definitely not a ‘Phins bar.

  • I believe that Grand Central on 18th Street is a Bills bar. Rhino is a Pats/ Red Sox bar.

  • Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? Now you know why they move here (my dad is from there)… plus when the Steel mills shut down, the city nearly collapsed… hence southern migration. Heinz, Iron City, Carnegie Mellon, Pitt, and PNC keep it going…

  • Ventnor’s Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan is an Eagles bar.

  • mcfadden’s is decked out in buffalo bills paraphernalia and fans every weekend

    as a life long bills fan, i find it fitting that the worst team in the nfl is shown at the worst bar in dc…

  • Rhino bar is Eagles i think?

  • I could have used this post last weekend. Ravens fan here.

    Ventnors on the south end of Adams Morgan is a good sports bar. Last weekend the basement was packed with Giants fans. I’m told the upstairs had a good Ravens crowd (with sound) – so I will check that out next time the game is blacked out. You see, while DC normally gets the Ravens games, and while the Ravens are typically broadcast by CBS and the Skins by Fox, if the Ravens and Skins both play at the same time the Ravens game is often replaced by some other game. This past weekend was a nice exception, though tvguide listed the CBS game as TBA until after kickoff (fortunately I got the call from home saying the game was on tv – and ran home to it before missing too much). I have yet to figure out the reason for this. Fans aren’t going to just switch affiliation (especially not this year). And the no rhyme or reason to when they block the game and when they air it is maddening.

  • Duffy’s shows the ‘Skins, which is all I need to know.

  • For the record, Nellie’s is a real sports bar that actually plays sports. I don’t know about the Seahawks, but you’re sure to find NFL games and college football throughout the weekend, all season long. Last Saturday there was a crowd of Illini.

  • Speaking of, hot tip:

    Radius Pizza in Mt. P. had a sign outside their door yesterday advertising 1/2 price drafts during NFL games. They have not the best variety, but what they do serve is decent: DFH 60 minute, maybe Stella or Peroni. Cheapest DFH 60 minute on draft I’ve seen anywhere in DC. Odd thing is, they only have one TV, directly behind the bar, not visible from the dining area and only about half a dozen bar stools. Get there early I guess.

    (Sad tip: the pizza ain’t what it once was.)

  • 18th Amendment has the Saints games on Sundays. (And LSU games on Saturdays)

  • The Giants bar is 51st State Tavern, but I usually watch the games at Nellie’s.

  • @Jaybeas – Union Pub is THE Bears bar in DC. Completely packed with Bear fans. They blare the Bears Fight Song after touchdowns along with the Superbowl shuffle on occasion. Great spot for a game.

  • Every bar in DC should be an IGGLES bar because WE OWN THIS TOWN!! But we will stick with the Rhino Bar for now.

  • @Dirty

    That’s bull$@#! People from Pittsburgh move to DC mostly for the same reason people from all over the place move to DC — JOBS. Geographically it’s also pretty close. Kind of like Chicago attracting many Midwesterners from places like Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis.

    Don’t hate just because Steeler Nation can take over your stadium

  • @ Gabe Asher: “The Pour House on Pennsylvania Avenue, just down the street from the Capitol Lounge, hosts [steelers] games. It gets really packed, especially if it’s a playoff game. There seem to be huge numbers of [BANDWAGON FANS] here, for some reason.”

    Fixed that for you. But enough talk of the dirty effin’ steelers.

    Fans of the Mighty Bengals of Cincinnati–be they legitimate Cincinnatians or only there for the antics of Chad Ochocinco–gather weekly at The Bottom Line (Farragut North Metro, 1716 “Eye” Street, NW).

    Bengals fans are treated to CINCINNATI CHILI, drink specials, and more money off your bill for good attendance.


  • Crystal City Sports Pub has all the games as well, and has three floors with different areas being dedicated to different teams. I’ve mostly been there for college games and it’s fun as hell, but I’ve never been there for NFL. I assume it’s just as fun.

  • @E-Rich

    Are you serious? Talk to us in 3 weeks.

    I thought Bungal fans were only treated to false hope . . . and disgusting chili

  • Penn Quarter sports tavern is mainly a Broncos bar, but upstairs is Seahawks territory. Always a good crowd there…

  • There are always some Seahawks fans at Townhall in Glover Park and they have some pretty tasty mac n’ cheese. Also if you need a place to see Apple Cup come to Crystal City Sports Pub – a great Husky and Coug crowd.
    The Seahawk bandwagon has lost a few people so there should be plenty of places at any Seahawk bar.

  • Ventnor in Adams Morgan always has a bunch of Seahawks Fans every Sunday…They show everygame on Sunday

  • Nellie’s. Hands down. We accept everyone. So don’t listen to the rest. I was there for a Ravens Steelers game with the room split in halt, and everyone had a good time. AND if the game sucks there’s usually soccer or something else on one of the other screens.

  • @Jimmy D – die hard Ravens fan here, too. Here is a website that shows what games are being played where. It posts every Wednesday so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your viewing set up.

    This weekend we’ll get to watch the Ravens from the comfort of home! Two weekends ago I caught the Browns blowout at Solly’s and ended up congregating with about half a dozen other fans… may need to check out Ventnors in the future.

  • I can vouch for Nellie’s being an awesome place to watch sports. I caught a few college basketball playoff games there last season and they were very friendly and accommodating.

  • What about the Colts? I know they are kind of a pariah around here but there has to be some bar that shows INDIANAPOLIS games, right?

  • I’ll second Ventnor Cafe in AM. I see them every sunday and it makes me want to throw up. Go Niners.

  • Ventnor in Adams Morgan is definitely an E.A.G.L.E.S bar … but they have all the games on. Audio will usually be for the birds during their time slot.

  • I love waking up on Sunday mornings walking to the bar sporting my Browns jersey and seeing the eclectic mix of other team’s fans (except for Pittsburgh) doing the same thing. One of DC life’s simple pleasures. The walk home after we lose…eehhh not so much.

    I’ll also vouch for vetnors. They have mostly philly and giants fans there. But definitely a group of seahawk fans too.

    Rhino bar is the whore of sports bars claiming to be the offical bar of about 20 teams college and pro, red sox, giants, eagles, buckeyes, etc.

  • Not much of a NFL fan, but I’ll second the recommendation for the the Crystal City Sports Pub. They always show the Apple Cup (and the place is PACKED with crimson and purple), so I’d imagine that they’ll play Seahawks games as well. The only downer is that its in… Crystal City. They also seemed to be the Seattle HQ in 2006 when we were in the playoffs/Super Bowl XL. (PS, in case you’re new, if Seattle is ever in the playoffs again–which I know is a long shot– be prepared for some HATE from East Coast fans.

  • Is there a J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets, bar?

  • Yes, 51st State Tavern is DC’s NY Sports Team Bar and show ALL Giants, JETS and Yankees Games (Mets too)

  • Can you explain to me how the Baltimore Ravens (3-3) are favored against the Broncos (6-0) this Sunday?

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