Crews Feuding in Shaw


From MPD 3D Commander George Kucik:

“Over the weekend there were several instances in which subjects were shot at in the area of 8th and R and S Street, NW. I have already deployed extra officers there but we are also following up on specific leads to find out who the specific targets are and who is targeting them. I cannot get into all of the specifics but will say that these acts are the result two groups who are feuding and targeting each other. We are going to increase our deployment and use additional resources until to get to those involved in the feud.

Despite the police presence yesterday, a subject was shot and suffered minor injuries. Detectives are following up to determine who was responsible for that. We do have some leads to follow and in fact did arrest one subject at 8th and R Street on Sunday night for carrying a pistol.”

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  • This is awful and I’m afraid it really shows why long-term DC residents are so much more of a problem for the city than people who just moved here.

  • Same old same old. Last hurrah before the winter cold.

  • I just think the law is protecting teenagers too much. It must change. They need to fear it.
    Most of the violent crimes in this city are caused by teenagers. wonder why?!

  • Neener, your paranoia is causing you to make crazy assumptions. The problem is gangs not long time residents who are quietly going about their business and have been for years and will continue to long after you leave.

  • MK: the gangs are not long term residents? Where did they come in from, Akron?

  • saf

    K – the gangsters aren’t OLD enough to be long time residents.

  • Wow, that is literally the metro exit. I hope metro riders don’t catch some stray bullets.

  • Why are you people arguing about semantics? Neener is obviously referring to the families (teenage children) of long term residents, not the actual mothers/fathers/grandparents.

  • How sad, and devastating. It feels like the violence has been escalating more and more lately.

  • It’s disheartening to hear officials and media use these feral teenagers’ own slang to describe their crimes. Like when Chief Lanier says some “crews” had a “beef”. Mainstream adoption of this criminal sub-culture’s language legitimizes it.

    They’re not “gangs” or “crews”. They are packs of feral adolescents, juvenile criminal groups, or just criminals for short. And they aren’t “beefing”. They’re committing attempted murder, assaults with deadly weapons, or just plain fighting.

    Ending this problem requires de-legitimizing it as a social construct. Using their language merely perpetuates the problem.

  • that’s right. beef. it’s what’s for dinner. not a justification for “packing heat.”

  • The city continues to protect the identity of juvenile violent offenders. It seems we in the community should have at least some inkling of a right to know which of these teens have been in and out of the laws grip for violent crimes, who they are and what they’ve done. It’s just nuts, the kids know they are practically immune to public recognition of their identity and violent activities,and they are clearly an extremely violent bunch with little or no respect for what most of us believe as civil society. Combine that with the entrenched crazy violent culture of hard core violent rap music, drug and gun running, and overall tough thuggery. Makes me sick in my stomach that the violent children in this city seem to have adult support to keep us all practically powerless to respond. I am so happy to see the police taking some action, they it seems have the actual right to know who these kids are, what they’ve done, where they live, so if we can’t know, they darned well sure better take more proactive protective actions.

  • What I said was that after living here a period of time people, even really good people, seem to accept murder as a fact of life or cultural artifact. That’s right, MURDER.

    An older resident told me just yesterday about a neighbor who used to smoke crack in his sister’s backyard/alley. He later died of an overdose. This white resident was PROUD that he never called the police because it showed he was “cool.”

    My response? One more dead brother that the white man helped hasten to his grave by accepting homeless CRACK SMOKING amongst people of color as being just about what their capable of doing. Of course he thought my charge of racist murder was hyperbolic and psychotic.

    No, white people think that rats, crime, drug use, etc are “ok” in the district because they are racists who want to see black people kept under their thumb. White people who demand the same from African Americans as they do from other whites call the police so that everyone will be uplifted, including the sons and daughters, nieces and nephews who will hear the stories of the man who went straight.

  • Root causes, that Atlantic article, the econony, George Bush, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the NRA.

    Did I miss anyone/thing?

  • Late I believe it was Sunday night there was a high speed car chase in the back alley behind the on P St. Charter School (old needle park) . The suspect crashed the car and fled. I wonder if this had anything to do with that.

  • Assuming the crews are just stupid, violent teenagers is naive. They are part of a larger system of drug distribution and a lot more organized than commonly believed.

  • Let them kill each other off.

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