Congrats to Everyone Who Ran the Marine Corps Marathon!

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  • saf

    So you were in Georgetown today? So were we. TONS of runners walking back along the street, eh? I couldn’t believe they could still walk after running that far!

  • do you have pictures?

  • I play w/ Batala and we had a great time playing Mile 20. It is my favorite event to play (today’s pain notwithstanding). A few runners’ and supporters thanked me on the way home. Not to sound corny, but it is inspiring see all ages, sizes, skills and abilities participate.
    The runners of the 10K are hilarious. They danced by and took a lot of pictures.

    I remember when the Mentzner came by. He literally flew by us full tilt. The paralympic racer who was ahead at 20 must race in the Paralympic Games; he was pretty much racing against the clock.

    Next year, I will volunteer to massage out sailors’ charley horses.

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