Coming to 1321 Connecticut Ave., NW – Mad Hatter?


“Dear PoP,

Further away from the circle, right near the Luna Grill, I noticed an ABRA notice for Madhatter bar. There’s already a Madhatter around the corner on M Street, will be interesting if that dive is moving.”

It is indeed the same Mad Hatter from 1831 M Street, NW. I’m told if all goes according to plan the M Street space will close and the Connecticut Ave. space will open up sometime in November. Of course these dates tend to get pushed back, but this is definitely an interesting development. Any fans of the Mad Hatter? I haven’t been there in years.


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  • I work around the corner from the Mad Hatter, so we have an occasional Happy Hour there. I like it. It has good drinks, pretty decent food. And it’s a welcome oasis from the more upper crusty bars around Dupont.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with upper crusty bars, mind you. Just, not every week.

  • I wonder what the landlords on M have in mind? First Sign of the Whale and now Madhatters …

  • I always forget. Is the Madhatter in that grey building that also houses to brothels? Or is that the building next to it?

  • It’s “two” and “grey.” It’s also next door.

  • Ha. Gray. Sorry. The word is gray. So much for making fun of somebody, eh?

  • It is way to expensive for a college dive bar. 8 bucks for a pint of skunky tap beer is never good.

  • Love love their unlimited mimosa / buffet on weekends! Nothing to cure a hangover better than lots and lots of mimosas!

  • Great locals-type bar. The type of place where the bartenders get to know and recognize you, even if you don’t stop in that often. It’s great for happy hours, and is never pretentious. I’m very excited to see what they could do with a new locale.

  • I’ll be crushed if the ‘Hatter moves. Yes, I haven’t been there in oh, 5 years, but I spent my DC “youth” at the Madhatter dancing on the benches. Many, many, many drunken evenings were had/forgotten because of the ‘Hatter.

  • I will be heartbroken if Madhatters moves. It’s a classic DC establishment. Btw- pints definitely don’t cost $5 there. However, you can get $5.50 pints of mixed drinks, which is money. None of those little tumbler glasses at Hatters. I don’t really understand the rationale behind moving to another space. Surely the rent can’t be expensive enough in that dingy basement on M to require moving to what is likely more expensive, above-ground retail space in a highly visible part of Dupont. Maybe they want more space or visibility? But I always think it’s a mistake to mess with a good thing.

  • Sorry- meant definitely don’t cost $8

  • that place sucks, unless you are into guys with backwards hats and frat letters on their shirts

  • Oh, Hatters … similar memories as what @AA wrote. But haven’t been there since I saw a gopher-sized rat running around the women’s bathroom.

  • @Drew

    It can be spelled grey or gray.

    I guess that oversight signifies your second failed attempt of being a pompous douche.

  • Wow, I met my wife at the Mad Hatter 20 year ago. Still have fond memories of too many drinks and no memory of the night before….

  • I spent way too much time there in the late 90’s during college and enjoyed every minute of it. No doubt it was a bit on the gross side, but was so much fun nonetheless. I am sure this place spawned quite a few alcoholics.

  • @SG

    Their lease has been up for a few years. They’ve been renting month to month. I have my doubts the move is their choice, though don’t quote me on that. I’m sure we’re all aware that downtown has been on a relentless march towards sterilization for awhile, and this block is one of the holdouts.

    As to moving to that block of Conn., I have to wonder whose choice that was. I wasn’t around when Stoney’s moved, but I think their choice to get in on a revamped Logan Circle was probably a good one.

    They’re going to have to nuke Camelot, though, if they want to really clean up the area. No amount of renovation would get that place suitable for a new establishment…

  • SG
    I can assure you a pint of Sierra Nevada cost 7.25 plus the outrageous tax on it.

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