Coming in 2010 – A Crafts Store in Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights or Petworth


From an email:

“So I know there was some definite interest from commenters on your site a while back about an ongoing project to open a craft supply store in the District — specifically in the Mt.P/ Columbia Heights/ Petworth area. The store itself will be a mix of the usual craft supplies and recycled treasures (old maps, keys and buttons — that sort of thing), and additionally we plan to house a teaching space for a wide variety of craft classes, music lessons, etc.

We plan to open a brick-and-mortar space in 2010 (shooting for late spring). Ideally, the shop would be in Mt. Pleasant (perhaps one of the MANY vacant store-fronts?) or Columbia Heights (11th St. area?) or Petworth. The store itself will sell craft supplies and vintage findings (not pre-made crafts), but we would offer various projects during our classes/workshops (i.e. bringing artisans in to teach staining glass or jewelry-making or similar activities). The multi-purpose classroom space would also be available to the community for music lessons, art shows, band practice, etc.

So! In advance of all that, Craft*Monger is holding a craft day on Sunday, Oct. 18 at Proper Topper in Georgetown (3213 P street NW).

At noon (shine only) we’ll have a kids’ workshop in the garden, featuring mask-making, gourd-painting, leaf-stamping, and MORE!

And between 4pm and 6pm (rain or shine), Megan Nicolay, author of Generation T, will lead a T-shirt re-fashioning workshop. Bring an old T, and leave with something new! If it rains, we have tents, and it it’s cold, we’ve got a heater. Bring a t-shirt if you can; scissors, etc. will be provided.

Megan will demonstrate a ton of projects, including making t-shirts into stuffed mobiles, baby bibs, a babydoll dress, a braided mod handbag, a cute wine cozy and a padded laptop sleeve.

You can contact us for more info at [email protected], visit Generation T for a preview, follow us on twitter: @craftmonger, or fan us on facebook (Craft*Monger) to find out about this and future events.”

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  • Screw you Mt. Pleasant and Petworth, Columbia Heights baby :)!

    Two suggestions: have you considered talking with Bloombars? Your mission and theirs seem to overlap, and some collaboration could be very interesting for some of your events. If you are unable to find your own viable commercial space, perhaps you could use their space during the days …

    Second, one space that I’ve noticed that is large and I bet quite cheap is 4000 sq. ft. commercial space available in the alley behind the 11th / Monroe Park. Yes, not easy to find, but a lot of space, I bet a lot cheaper than street frontage, near the 11th street district, and if you have lots of events to attract people, might be workable. Just a thought …

  • Oh man, this is so exciting! It would be awesome not to have to get a Zipcar and go to Michaels in the suburbs. I’m counting down the days.

  • But can i make “Maddness” shirts there?

  • I live at Lamont and 11th and I will take ALL of your classes.

  • Please, please, please include some crafty baking things too…stuff like icing bags, tips, etc. I am tired of driving to the cake store in Wheaton to get everything I need….obviously you wouldn’t have to carry as much as they do but just some things would be such a HUGE help!

  • Please come in Petworth/CH vicinity!

  • yay ! sunday breakfast at ihop, a run to the craft store and a late afternoon movie…

  • Could this be the kite store that the community has been clamoring for, for so long now? Please, let it be true!

  • Yay!!! Love the workshops idea, too.
    Columbia Heights or Petworth, please.

  • Mt. Pleasant! Mt. Pleasant!

    But I’ll be honest, I will probably follow you anywhere.

  • Mt Pleasant would probably work best for this. I think it would be a hit with that demographic. Hopefully landlords have had some sense knocked into them by now…

  • beautiful open storefront just waiting for somebody at 14th & Crittenden. Would be nice to draw more people to that strip!

  • Great news! Georgia Ave. could use a store like this, but anywhere in Petworth, Columbia Heights or Mt. P. would work for me.

  • on upshur st near bentleys and domku!

  • on upshur st near bentleys and domku!

  • I nominate the Upshur/Kansas area.

  • I nominate Southwest DC. There aren’t a lot of craft shops down there.

  • YES–Southwest!

  • Yay!

    Please stock basic craft supplies like ModPodge, etc.

    I am an avid knitter but frankly I would find the overhead of stocking quality fibers and needles to be overwhelming. It’s hard to run a knitting store unless that’s your primary focus. However it would be great to stock “naked” yarn and offer dyes (as well as a class on hand dying yarn)

  • Or..any of those vacant storefronts in Cleveland Park could be enticing?

    I’m so excited – wherever you decide on opening – it’ll be nice to have a real crafting option in the city. Sometimes I find myself in that yarn store in Georgetown just hoping they decided to stock crafty things too…then I always leave when I realize that I’ll have to suck it up and drive somewhere far to get what I need to make jewelry.

  • Please go where the rent makes sense and armed with a solid business plan with realistic revenue and expense projections. I want you to succeed.

  • We could use a place to sit down and create cute photo memory books that offers all the necessary supplies and cheap color printing from a thumb drive…away from the distractions of chores at home…

  • One more plea for Petworth! Pretty Please!!!

  • Just a note — Kids crafts are canceled today, due to this ongoing terrible weather we’re having.
    T-Party is till on though! 4pm.

  • Yay! Come to 11th Steet!

  • Please have real wool — for knitting — not just weird textures!

    I will join most of the above posters in finding you anywhere. I think 11th St could be a great fit. I think the upstairs at BloomBars would be a poor fit, aesthetically [who paints half a red brick rowhouse purple?].

    There is space on 11th St between Wonderland and the Jeans N THings. There is also space a few blocks south that used to be an upholstery shop. There is space near the coffee shop.

    Upshur St would be a nice suggestion too.

    Another nice location might be on GA north of the metro, near the Qualia coffee shop. Or just a tad south of the metro next to Looking Glass Lounge.

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