Coming – Estadio Restaurant to 1520 14th Street, NW


The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema has the scoop:

“The owner of the wine-themed Proof in Penn Quarter has signed a lease for a second restaurant in Logan Circle. Estadio is its name, and Spanish will be its game.”

This is in the spot where the Garden District formerly sold its indoor plants. I’m very much looking forward to following the progress on this place. Stay tuned…

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  • PoP,
    Can you do a post about Garden District’s move, maybe a little interview w/ the owners about their thoughts when starting and their perspective on how garden culture has taken off around them?

  • oh, right.

  • Sounds promising, though please please please do not make it a tapas restaurant, there is an OVERABUNDANCE of small plates that one is forced to share with others on 14th Street.

    What about the old outdoor Garden District space? Wonder what will happen with that space. And I truly hope the new Garden District does something to revamp it’s new place; that ugly chain link fence they’ve installed is sooooooooo much uglier than that lovely iron fence they had around their old spot, and they haven’t even bothered properly repainting their new building – you can still read the car dealership name. Talk about doing the absolute minimum to launch a new space.

  • Wait, isn’t there another wine shop opening up across Church St from this place? With Cork up the street and the new Cork shop opening next to GoMamaGo! how many wine shops can one neighborhood support?

  • Yeah, I was surprised and disappointed by the new fence also, especially considering how much existing transplantable iron fence they have at their old spot. Suddenly it looks like a Hope Depot back lot, and not a neighborhood nursery.

    Considering the all around shabby look of their new digs, maybe its just a temporary solution (they are primarily a seasonal business after-all, meaning that they might have been time-bound to open w/ only the basics.)

    I hope they change to a more vibrant color though. I loved the giant red wall.

    And lose that obnoxious little billboard w/ the hip hop/alcohol/magazine posters.

  • I agree. The new setup at the GD is awful compared to the old place. I’ve seen newspaper stories saying the new indoor space is larger than the old indoor space. It can’t be true . . it’s probably 1 quarter of the old space. The new fence is industrial looking. I’ve heard they have great things planned for the outdoor space next spring, but I hope they don’t ignore capital improvements like painting, signage, and fencing.

    it’s a great asset for the neighborhood.

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