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“Dear PoP,

I’ve noticed a new store front across from the new condo’s above the metro. Its next to the fried chicken place. I think the sign said Envy Nail and Spa? Manicure’s probably aren’t your thing, but do you know anything about it?”

Hahaha. Yeah, not exactly my thing but I mentioned this spot briefly back in August. All I know is that it should be opening up very soon at 3501 Georgia Ave., NW. But from a number of emails that I’ve received some folks are pretty happy about finding a good manicure and pedicure spot. If anyone goes be sure to email me your experience and I’ll be happy to post.

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  • I’m a big fan of their glittery sign and like to support new businesses, but I do so love Kings Nails up on Upshur. Those ladies are lovely, and they just got a whole new set of pedicure massage chairs.

  • should i get a manicure before or after i eat my delicious fried chicken?

  • Their signs belong in Vegas, not Petworth

  • It’s part of a whole-block development conglomerate – Gluttony Fried Chicken; Pride Hair Salon, Lust Massage parlour; Greed Realtors; Sloth furniture and a new ANC office.

  • Victoria wins one internet.

  • perfect. another nail salon. do they sell wigs too?

  • Sir Prince:

    No offense, but I think your antennae are bit rusty on this one. I am going to go out on a limb as guess that the bulk of your readership is less than jazzed about yet another nail salon in Petworth. Perhaps the retail to come to the Donatelli Development will significantly outshine the nail salon. But, its not looking to good…is it?

    On another note, I wonder what folk feel about the location of Yes Organic Market. It seems to me that a location closer to the Metro would have produced more patrons. Yes on 14th, Yes on Capitol Hill are all much closer to their respective Metro Stations. Eat More Chicken or a location in the Donatelli Bldg. would have made a gteat spot. The store is nice, but a little off the most beaten path – dont you think?

  • anon,
    I was thinking the same thing about Yes! There is hardly ever anyone in there when I go there or ride past there. It can’t last long like that.

    Also, I wouldn’t look for big things out of DCUSA going forward either. The same guy that built DCUSA built the one in Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue. No local stores are in there. They had Circuit City where we have Best Buy. It has Burlington and Marshalls. Pretty drab mall. I expect the same thing from DCUSA. Our best hope is for the side streets to shine as the side streets like Fulton and Lafayette have thrived in Brooklyn.

  • Regardless of what’s in it, I’m certainly jazzed about a fancy new store front. Better than a boarded up building. And it’s obvious by the tiled front that they put some effort into it. I hope their venture produces a thriving business and the locals patronize it, cause I know I don’t typically use the nail places already in our neighborhood.

    As for the YES – I think they made a fine choice not being on top of the metro, not everyone in the city takes metro. What I think they need to do is market themselves. There are plenty of organic, vegan eating yuppies (no offense intended) in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood just a few blocks over that drive through town to Whole Foods at 14th and P. They all just need to find out there’s a closer option.

  • Do the residents of our area know how to do anything beside, nails, braids, liquor, and Jay Walking?

  • I am all for any new businesses. And the short walk to Yes is well worth the effort if it enables you to avoid the Deep Six Safeway. With the new development on the 3800 and 3900 blocks of Georgia, we should be seeing even more folks eager to patronize the Yes.

  • RE: Yes organic location. It’s 3.5 blocks from Petworth metro. Which metro is the 14th street Yes closer than that to?

  • I am excited about the new nail salon–if it’s locally owned, then I am good to go.

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