Coffee & Tea Updates for Columbia Heights and Petworth Plus a Brief Chipotle Update


Last week a reader sent in a photo of Tynan’s new sign for the spot on Irving Street in the Highland Park complex. I’m told that Tynan will open up Friday or Saturday of next week.

I’ve also been told that Tynan has an official spot in the Park Place complex above the Petworth Metro. They will take over the northern most retail space and will have outdoor seating. I’ll update news on that space as build out occurs.

Oh yeah, back to Columbia Heights. For those anticipating Chipotle’s opening on 14th Street – I’m hearing early December!

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  • I will camp out the night before chipotle opens so I can get the first burrito

  • I met Tynan at a cupping event a few months ago. Cool guy.

  • Did anyone else catch the cringe-worthy Chipotle references on the new South Park episode last night?

  • lordscarlet

    Does anyone know how much focus there will be on tea? I would love a good place to go for some tea and biscuits. 🙂

  • Strong emphasis on loose-leaf tea. From a press release back in May: “While most coffee stores sell upwards of 95% coffee and offer mass-market teabags as an afterthought, Tynan Coffee & Tea expects its loose-leaf tea to comprise 20-25% of beverage sales. All coffee and tea is locally sourced from Orinoco Coffee and Tea in Columbia, MD, and will be packaged for retail sale for those customers who like to brew their coffee or tea at home.”

  • Very excited about Tynan opening next week!

  • i’m an avid tea drinker so am very excited. but am a little suprised that they are opening two locations so close to each other. i wonder if demand can support that. i guess we’ll see!

  • lordscarlet: Knowing the level of culinary sophistication in this region, if you order tea and biscuits, you’re bound to get a big glass of sweet tea and a couple big, fluffy buttermilk biscuits. …Which doesn’t sound half bad right now, come to think of it.

  • lordscarlet

    @Mike W: Excellent!

    @Nick Gerz: I wouldn’t complain about that, but I would love to order “tea” and actually get a pot that is steeping loose tea. With that I should be given milk and sugar to add to my tea. A true scone, not the hard crap served at Starbucks would be amazing as well.

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