Cleveland Park News – Some Bad, Some Potentially Good


“Dear PoP,

Businesses ransacked in Cleveland Park. Not sure if you heard, but sometime this morning [Thursday] Zoo Bar, Nam Viet and Byblos were broken into and trashed. They all appear to be back open for business. Must have been a quiet morning over in CP for that kind of shit to happen. Front door window of Palena got smashed as well, but that was it. I rode by all the places on the way home and it looked like they had cleaned everything up. Front door at Palena was replaced before 5pm and Nam Viet neon sign said “open”. Word on the street is that the goons started at Zoo Bar (allegedly tore the place up) then Nam Viet, then Byblos (broke into their register) and then Palena.”

There is a report in the Washington Post here.

I’m surprised they were able to do so much damage without attracting more attention. Glad the stores were able to make the repairs so quickly.

In happier news the City Paper reports that Palena is in the process of trying to expand into the now vacant space next door (formerly housing Magruder’s):

“If everything falls into place for Ruta, Palena will look nothing like its current incarnation. It will add 60 seats to the dining room as well as a summer garden with seating for another 36 diners. Ruta would also add more kitchen space.”

We previously judged Palena here.

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  • thats great but Palena is too $$$ money for me. I hope their expansion is for a more casual space inspired by their cafe-bar menu. Their burgers are just too damn good.

  • This is something residents in CP don’t expect. I hope MPD catches those miserable cork-soaker!

  • Hee hee Roz, that’s a good one. MPD catching vandals! Yeah, right!!

  • Zoo Bar is not on the same block as the others — it’s across the all the way down by the zoo entrance. I wonder if they hit any of the other businesses along that stretch.

  • This is so weird. Was this just someone who hates restaurants?

    And I second the motion for more cafe seats… can’t afford the dining room menu, but the cafe menu at Palena is divine!

  • “sometime” is not correct usage there. It should be some time. Ciao.

  • Hey, aren’t the IMF/World Bank protests coming up? Maybe the “black bloc” is rehearsing for its bold statements against capitalist exploitation, i.e., smashing bank windows.

  • Right, the Zoo Bar isn’t even in Cleveland Park. That’s Woodley Park.

  • It seems there may be an attempt to extort protection money happening.

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