Best Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee or Mojito


Man, this is a cool roof deck. Check out how it was built on steel beams and how the sides are glass. It must feel like you’re floating up there. (Found this on in Adams Morgan.)

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  • i’m thinking the best place for anything to drink is a nice warm screened in, insulated space.

  • People rarely use their roof decks as compared to the deck off the kitchen. They will go up for the odd party.

  • i yearn for a roof deck too, but wonder if ultimately i would really use it that much.
    if it had a small wet bar, minifridge, and a coffee maker up there that might do the trick….
    anyone have one built recently? what kinda costs do they run?

  • 3 grand, no permits. rarely use it. that said, it’s a great place for your third

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