Anyone Have A Pick Up Truck?

Old Austin Pick Up Truck, originally uploaded by imagetaker!.

From an email:

“Bruce Monroe Elementary School has a garden that needs mulch. Takoma City has mulch that needs a garden. If you can help out your neighbors, please contact me today.

Nuri Heckler- Volunteer Outreach
Americorps VISTA
Greater D.C. Cares
202-777-4469 phone
[email protected]

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  • Zipcar… They have pickups, $7/hour.

  • Home Depot has them for $20 an hour if it’s a one-time thing, zip-car probably makes more sense if it’s all day.

  • The DCPS board does not have a truck it can use? Rhee can’t make that happen? Come on.

  • Mystified you must be new to town. DCPS has a billion dollar budget and tens of thousands of employees but rarely can do anything on its own. It needs local volunteers for facility maintenance and mentoring / teaching work, and of course the usual field trip chaperones. The best part is when you take part in such activities, the DCPS employees stand around smoking smokes and laughing at you. Its all part of the DC effort to maintain a permanent underclass that guarantees lots of federal money for stealing, see:

    for a series of stories on how DC mismanages fed/local money for HIV/AIDS. Then read about Harriete Walters. And check out the latest story on DC giving big construction work to Fenty friends. Face it, not only is the emperor wearing no clothes, he’s flinging his poo at you.

  • Doesn’t Michelle Rhee have a pickup truck or a big SUV that she could lend them? If not, her boyfriend Kevin has one, without a doubt.

  • In Arlington the city will actually come to your house and dump off a load of mulch – way beyond the wildest hopes of DC residents of course, but I bet there would be a great demand for (and willingness to pay for) a truck that might schedule delivery throughout one neighborhood on a particular day.

    It is actually really difficult to get dirt or compost delivered in the city because of traffic/parking and the general need for smaller amounts. But what if 50 houses in Petworth agreed to buy and take delivery on one day? Seems like a good profit for someone. The only current alternative is to buy lots of bagged mulch at Home Despot.

  • Rhee must be too busy illegally firing teachers to find a truck.

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