Another Shooting Last Night at 7th and N Streets, NW

“Dear PoP,
Last night, I heard shots fired near the corner of 8th and N.  Soon after, there were a number of police cars heard throughout the area.  Have you heard anything about this?”

The following info was sent out by MPD:

“At approximately 7:15 PM an adult female was the victim of a shooting at 7th and N St NW. She was transported to an area hospital in stable condition.”

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  • I was wondering what that was…an unmarked car with light blazing and one MPD cruiser sped by my house at Q & 11th at exactly that time.

  • Saw a teaser for this story on the news last night but had to switch over to Good Eats for my sanity. The local news was, of course, teasing this story by showing the woman lying (quite conscious) on the ground and saying she was fine after getting shot in the buttocks. Then, quick cut to a clip of cops taking scissors to her pants.

    Then I changed channels.

  • Was she an innocent bystander? What’s the deal here?

  • She just got shot, in broad daylight, at 7 pm, and her response to the cops was that she was fine?!

    I obviously don’t know the circumstances, but this strikes me as ‘game, set, match’ in terms of analyzing the issue of gun violence and cultural norms…

  • I was awaken this morning to the sound of a cop on a megaphone telling someone to get back in the car, or something. That was around 3:30 AM …this was around the convention center..anyone hear anything like this, this morning. I swear it’s like living in a war zone here at times…..

  • We had the severe misfortune of being at 7th and N St last night when this occurred. A police car happened to be driving by shortly after the shooting, to which we got his attention and informed him what happened. He called back up and went to assist the victim. The victim was in good shape and surprisingly calm. She was indeed shot in the butt, which she was aware of. No idea who the target was, but there were very innocent bystanders, including a mother with a 2 year old child, on the same block.

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