Amazing Reader Shots from the Arboretum

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I sometimes forget about the arboretum. These shots from a reader have reminded me that I must go for a visit again soon! You can find info about visiting the arboretum here.

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  • And Kalia shared with us the Arboretum’s seedy underbelly on my post here:

    (Just kidding, it’s not really all that seedy, but ever since she told that story, I think of it every time I’m there!)

  • The Arboretum is a great place to take the kids, walk the dog, or just to GTFO of the house. My dad took me there when I was in the third grade. We had a class project to put together a leaf collection. We went from tree to tree, picking out the best leaf, making a note of its common and latin name, and carefully placing it between pages in a notebook. By the time we were finished, I had a binder clip the size of the Yellow Pages. I was the only kid to get an “A+++,” and that was back when they were still giving out “F”s.

    My life’s kinda gone downhill since then.

  • Is it ok to take dogs all through the arboretum? I hope so! I just assumed all these years they weren’t allowed.

  • Dogs are allowed at the Arboretum so long as they’re on a leash at all times and you scoop their ca-ca. And no pissing on the bonsais.

  • the bonsais are great. some of them are 200-300 years old. Feed the koi, too!

  • Yes, dogs are allowed. When we run out of koi food, my daughter feeds her cheerios to other people’s dogs.

  • This is truly one of the greatest places in DC, but so few people go there because they are scared of the surrounding neighborhood. The Arboretum also has, in one spot off of one of the roads, a very nice view of the Capitol and the surrounding areas below.

    Speaking of spectacular views and parks in not-so-nice neighborhoods, another interesting spot I discovered over the weekend is the amazing view of the city from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, which is on top of a hill in Anacostia, just off Fort Stanton Park.

  • Absolutely beautiful. I have got to get over there soon!

  • It reminds me of something in Myst.

  • What kind of trees are those in the lower two photos?

  • I could be very wrong, but I think they’re some kind of cypress. It’s hard to tell from the photos though.

  • beautiful photos!!

  • The conifer forest is excellent for hide and seek, plus a cool little gazebo. Dogwood hill is gorgeous for picnics in spring. Japanese gardens are lovely. Bonsai depress me and make me nervous. Koi pond is wonderful – you can buy handfuls of food from a gumball machine for a quarter and watch them swarm.

    The only unfortunate thing is that you really need a bicycle or car to get around, it is just too big to walk. Skating is o.k. but road surface is rough and your legs vibrate to numbness. They do have a sort-of bus, but not really a shuttle where you can get off and on. I’d love to see pedi-cabs or at lease bike rentals there.

  • I’ve always found the U.S. Nat’l Aboretum an overlooked treasure and one of the least utilized and often forgotten large open spaces here within the District. It’s federal and well tended.

    A visit to see the Bonsai on display is worth the trip alone. Classes are given there.

    Our local Extension office is there for gardening and horticulture help. Great place for kids.

    One of my favorite Arboretum pictures is this photographer’s shot of his mother seated on a huge bench by the old Capitol columns:

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